Gintama Episode Summary

Reminder: I will only update after a series of 5 episodes have gone by. This may change though.

This post contains Spoilers

OVA – Mobile Suit Gintama, start! The gang visit a sakura tree festival, where they battle the Shinsengumi. Zura shows up to create some trouble.
Episode 1 – 2
An one hour special in which Yorozuya is involved with serious major business, which could lead to the destruction of Edo.

Episode 3
Introduction chapter to how Gintoki and Shinpachi met. Shinpachi eventually joins the Yorozuya after Gintoki saves him from having his sister’s diginity lost.

Episode 4
Gin and Shin meets Kagura, an alien from the Yato race. They help her escape from gangsters.

Episode 5
The Yorozuya somehow delievered a package which was a bomb in disguise. We meet Gin’s old pal, Zura.

Episode 6
The Yorozuya was forced by an escaped criminal to attend to a concert. It turns out that Shinpachi is a fan club president.

Episode 7
Gin, Shin, and Kagura must find Prince Baka (Hata)’s alien pet and return it to him.

Episode 8
The Shinsengumi leader, Kondo, is stalking Otae, so Otae asks the gang to get rid of him.

Episode 9
The Shinsengumi seeks revenge after Kondo was defeated by Gintoki.

Episode 10
Sadaharu enters. The gang finds themselves looking after a giant dog. Which Kagura loves.

Episode 11
Some semi-dead guy asks the Yorozuya to find a woman that he loves usig her hairpin.

Episode 12
Otose has a new employee. Turns out, she’s a space thief.

Episode 13
The gang looks for a pig from a rich family. Somehow gets involved with drugs and the Harusame pirates.

Episode 14
Part 1
The Shinsengumi are assigned to protect a drug dealer.
Part 2
Kagura plays with a princess, and becomes her friend.

Episode 15
Zura recieves Elizabeth. Then, Zura competes with the gang in a pet show.

Episode 16
Hasegawa becomes a cab driver and ends up meeting with Prince Hata again.

Episode 17
We meet Takasugi during a festival, which was thrown into chaos by robots.

Episode 18
A crazy lunitic is going around stealing panties. He accidently angered off Otae.

Episode 19
The gang heads over to a beach in order to get a reward by defeating a monster.

Episode 20
An amanto is stay over at the Shinsengumi in order to raise her children properly, but the Shinsengumi thinks that it’s a ghost.

Episode 21
Part 1
A kappa’s lake was defended by the gang
Part 2
Gin tries to get a new fan.

Episode 22
Gin meets an assasin, and eventually the assasin becomes Gin’s stalker.

Episode 23
The gang goes to space. We meet one of Gin’s old friend, Sakamoto.

Episode 24
Zura and Gin comes across one of the four district kings, and they help his son.

Episode 25
The gang fights against each other in order to eat from the hot pot.

Episode 26
Shinpachi meets his old friend. Turns out he joined a gang.

Episode 27
The gang finds out about a Ring of Death.

Episode 28
After the ends of the Ring of Death, it turns out that Kondo might really meet death.

Episode 29
Part 1
Kagura steals Gin’s sword to sell it off for some quick cash, but someone else wants it instead.

Part 2
Amantos invade Edo in the shape of Cockroaches. Turns out to be all Prince Hata’s fault.

Episode 30
Otsu-chan gives the gang a task, to find out who’s been writing threat letters.

Episode 31
Gin loses his memories.

Episode 32
Gin quits the gang and starts working at a factory. Turns out the factory manager was evil.

Episode 33
Sakamoto sends two amantos to repair the gang’s home.

Episode 34
Shinpachi became romantically interested with a cat amanto.

Episode 35
Part 1:
Turns out the cat amanto was a thief.
Part 2:
Mayora 13 appears to defeat Gorilla 13, Sougo 13, and Matsudaira from destroying a date. The plan reverses though.

Episode 36
Otae’s coworker got scammed by a religious group. Now the gang is trying to get her money back.

Episode 37
Part 1
Gin helps Santa, but instead, is actually harming him.

Part 2
Gin and Zenzou fight for the last JUMP

Episode 38
Part 1
The gang is trying to win a snow festival

Part 2
The gang are requested to help out an old man who was once the master of fireworks.

Episode 39
Zura meets up with a woman who hates the Joi Fraction.

Episode 40
Umibozu, the galaxy’s strongest sweeper comes to Edo to talk to his daughter, Kagura.

Episode 41
An alien breaks loose. Shinpachi quits the Yorozuya (but no one cares).

Episode 42
Gin and Umibozu both stopped the alien. Shinpachi comes back to Yorozuya after ONE EPISODE.

Episode 43
Part 1
Otae, Catherine, and Sa-chan duke it out for the main female character position.

Part 2
The gang becomes… NINJAS?

Episode 44
The gang sets forth to save Elizabeth

Episode 45
Sadaharu’s demon form is released. We also meet his previous owners.

Episode 46
One of Sadaharu’s former owner and Otae fight for the last position of the bar.

Episode 47
An scary amanto inhabits near the Yorozuya. Turns out he’s a nice guy.

Episode 48
Part 1
Gin and Hijikata has similar thinkings, and they meet at the same place various times.

Part 2
Zenzou’s father’s soul plays a game with the Yorozuya called “kick the can”

Episode 49
Gin and Hasegawa tries to escape from the clutches of one of the District kings.

Episode 50
Everyone tries to come up a new way for the series.

Episode 51
Gintoki is accused of having a baby.

Episode 52
Gintoki fights against Nizo.

Episode 53
Gin helps a female firefighter

Episode 54
A mother looks for her son and requests help from the gang

Episode 55
The son is revealed to be the number 1 host, and he goes to save his mother.

Episode 56
The rep of the Shinsengumi has been going down. Tsu-chan comes to help.

Episode 58
Benizakura arc. Gin is asked to find a missing sword, while the rest are to help Elizabeth. Turns out they are both related. And Gin gets mortally wounded.

Episode 59
Kagura is kept held by Takasugi’s group. Gin accepts the request to destroy Benizakura.

Episode 60
Shinpachi joins up with Elizabeth. Gin makes a grand entrance.

Episode 61
Gin wins against Benizakura.

Episode 62
Yamazaki is sent to spy the gang to see if anything dangerous is happening.

Episode 63
Zenzou helps a girl who can read the future.

Episode 64
A reporter interviews Zura.

Episode 65
The gang goes to a forest in order to find beatles.

Episode 66
Gin helps a dumpling store

Episode 67
Part 1
Gin meets up with an Amanto that consistently needs speed.

Part 2
Sa-chan is accidently admited to the same hospital Gin’s in due to her line of work.

Episode 68
The gang helps with the festival’s Haunted attraction.

Episode 69
Gin finds a Robot’s head.

Episode 70
Many robot maids are after Gin and the crew

Episode 71
The gang stops the robot maids.

Episode 72
The gang tries to find Sadaharu a partner.

Episode 73
Zura is trying to get a driver’s license to be able to borrow some videos.

Episode 74
The gang tries to survive from M-shaped eyebrow zombies.

Episode 75
The gang talks about what has happened up until now.

Episode 76
Kyubei Arc starts. Otae is taken away by Kyubei.

Episode 77
The gang fights against Kyubei’s gang in order to reclaim Otae.

Episode 78
Kagura and Okita must work together. Hijikata is forced to fight against someone who has an obsession with Ketchup, much similar to Hijikata’s likings to Mayo.

Episode 79
Gin, Kondo, Toujou, Binbokusai fight against each other in the washroom.

Episode 80
Gin fights Binbokusai. Kyubei is revealed to be a girl.

Episode 81
The gang wins against Kyubei.

Episode 82
Part 1
The gang goes to a town where when monsters are killed, they turn to gold.

Part 2
Some fatass asks the gang to save her boyfriend.

Episode 83
The gang goes to help Otae.

Episode 84
A “hard-boiled” detective talks about his daily life

Episode 85
The gang looks for a thief.

Episode 86
Mitsuba, Okita’s sister, comes to Edo.

Episode 87
Mitsuba is in a near-death condition.

Episode 88
Toujou and the gang tries to stop the construction of a fake Babel tower.

Episode 89
Part 1
Lake Touya tries to teach Gin an ultimate technique.

Part 2
The Shinsengumi finds their Luck Goddess.

Episode 90
Hasegawa tries to help a nurse he likes.

Episode 91
The female cast are trying to work out and lose weight after putting on weight.

Episode 92
An Assasin tries to kill Matsudaira, but Gin manages to stop him.

Episode 93
A female space hero comes to Edo during Valentine’s day.

Episode 94
Hasegawa is put on trial.

Episode 95
Gin wins the trial for Hasegawa.

Episode 96
Umibozu stars in a commercial.

Episode 97
Part 1
Old gang friends of Catherine comes to make her become a thief again.

Part 2
Kagura becomes the new leader of the Yorozuya

Episode 98
The battle for the Owee begins

Episode 99
Continuing off with the last episode, everyone continue to battle each other for the Owee

Episode 100
Gin helps with the series of Gintaman.

Episode 101
Shinsengumi Discord Arc starts!

Episode 102
Hijikata asks help from Gintoki. Itou’s darkness begins.

Episode 103
The battle starts.

Episode 104
Gin fights Bansai

Episode 105

Episode 106
The gang plays soccer

Episode 107
The gang is to help a son of Yakuza

Episode 108
The client dies.

Episode 109
Yamazaki goes to spy on Zura’s group.

Episode 110
Zura in prison.

Episode 111
Part 1
The gang helps a crossdresser.

Part 2
Kagura and her new umbrella

Episode 112
Gin tries to help Tama.

Episode 113
Washroom revolution of the Shinsengumi.

Episode 114
Mayora 13 tries to dump a certain someone

Episode 115
Beginning of the Ryugu-jo arc.

Episode 116
Otohime must be stopped.

Episode 117
Otae VS Otohime.

Episode 118

Episode 119
Hijikata cannot smoke, so he travels to other planets.

Episode 120
Part 1
Zura invades a restaurant.

Part 2
The gang goes to a sushi restaurant

Episode 121
The gang plays a RPG to find aliens.

Episode 122
Continuing with the RPG

Episode 123
End of the RPG game arc.

Episoe 124

An episode featuring Otsuu-chan and her daily life.

Episode 125
Characters picking their favorite moments.

Episode 126
Shinpachi becomes a penpal with a girl.

Episode 127
The gang helps Shinpachi.

Episode 128
The truth of the mismatch (Shinpachi being Okita and Sister’s identity switch)

Episode 129
Aliens = Dogs??!

Episode 130
Dogs VS Cats.

Episode 131
The gang goes to a hot spring full of “stands”.

Episode 132
Gin rebels but fails.

Episode 133
Gin’s second rebellion.

Episode 134
Gin VS Oiwa.

Episode 135
Gintaman’s issue is discussed again.

Episode 136
Hasegawa is forced to find a home.

Episode 137
Part 1
Kondo and Sacchan go on a bet

Part 2
Santa is back.

Episode 138
Gin talks about the old Yorozuya

Episode 139
Yoshiwara arc starts

Episode 140
The brother of Kagura appears.

Episode 141
Tsukuyo fights off hordes of enemies. Kagura and Shinpahi fight a Yato.

Episode 142
Kagura “awakens”.

Episode 143
Gin VS Night King

Episode 144
Gin fights Night King once again

Episode 145
Gin defeats Hosen.

Episode 146

Episode 147
Shinpachi and Kagura wants to become stronger.

Episode 148
Hijikata & Sougo VS Jigzaw

Episode 149
Sougo is actually a friend of Jigzaw and it was all a prank

Episode 150
The End Of Gintamangelion.

Episode 151
The barber shop arc!

Episode 152
The end of the barber shop arc

Episode 153
Kagura can’t sleep

Episode 154
A birthday party for Kyubei is arranged, but the crew comes only to…. ruin it?!

Episode 155
Hasegawa tries to graduate from being a MADAO

Episode 156

A street vender place that lets you complain.

Episode 157

Otaku…. Shinpachi VS Hijikata?!

Episode 158

The fight starts… Only to have one of the member of Gin’s team to fall?!

Episode 159

Then French Bread Taka-tin! The fight continues!

Episode 160

First round is over, both teams survive. The main event battle starts!


11 Responses to “Gintama Episode Summary”

  1. john link Says:

    thanks sooo much uir the best

  2. blackhawk Says:

    Do you know which episodes is it that Catherine show up?

  3. miyuki Says:

    why did the episode 72 has been banned?

  4. Nicki Says:

    I am in love with this show now. Do you know when more will air? Please tell me its not over =[

    • Jieun Says:

      I am not sure when more will air but the series is not technically over. They are just on a mini haitus. The anime caught up with the manga and that’s why they had the movie to distract the viewers for a bit.

      The author himself had said that Gintama is not over and it shall return. Many people are guessing that it will be back in the year of 2011. So it’s over now, but it shall return. 8) Hopefully that makes your day as it did mine. ^^

  5. Chizuru Says: its finished already!!^^

  6. nana_mio Says:

    which episode showed “kintama”

  7. Emz0 Says:

    With 72 and 73, there is a problem. 72 is a 2 part episode with what you said(Sadaharu) and the 2nd part is Zura’s driving lesson. Then, 73 is when the gang goes to search for matsutake mushrooms. I hope you can fix this. :)

  8. Syxx Says:

    I’m sorry but Gintama is all the way at 212 now…. Are you still updating?

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