Dragon Ball Kai Episode 2 Summary+Review

Summary: The visitor from outer space in the first episode turns out to be Goku’s brother. His name is Raditz. Raditz talks about the Saiyan race and what they do. Apparently Saiyans goes around looking for planets with lifeforms living on it. Once they find one, they will go and destroy all intelligent life forms and sell the planet to some other alien race. Depending on how strong the planet’s inhabitants are, they might send adults, children or even babies. And since Earthlings are weak, Goku was sent to Earth alone as a baby. Now after so many years, Raditz’s goal is to come to Earth to pick up his brother so they can go somewhere to destroy some planet for some reason. But of course, Goku refuses to join him. After being rejected, Raditz decides to take Gohan hostage to make Goku obey his orders. Then Piccolo came out of no where and offered to join forces with Goku to beat Raditz. Piccolo’s reason is something like “He is interfering with my plans to take over the world!”. Then the two flew off to find Raditz. When they get there They fight a bit and Raditz reveals another shocking fact. There are two more Saiyans that are even stronger than Radtiz!

This episode has quite a few interesting pieces of information. But some of the information provided didn’t make total sense to me. Mostly just little things i guess. Like how the Saiyans sells planets to other aliens… Can’t help but wonder what currency they use. And there are parts that i just find funny. Like how Piccolo’s excuse for joining forces with Goku is so cliche. Or like how Raditz shamelessly announce that there are 2 other Saiyans that are far stronger than he is as if he is proud of it. And lets not forget how taking off clothes makes u stronger… Anyways, one very nice thing about his episode is how it is very fast paced compared to the original Dragon Ball Z. Overall a worthwhile episode. The video quality is still the same as the first episode, but that is already discussed and not worth going into details again.
Episode Rating: 7/10

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One Response to “Dragon Ball Kai Episode 2 Summary+Review”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Actually, the “taking off clothes” thing is part of an often used theme in Dragon Ball. Some of their clothes and accessories are weights. By constantly wearing them, once they remove them, they can move around with greater ease and strength. The same concept, regarding weight, is used later on in the series when Gokuu trains in gravity stronger than that of Earth. I think it’s even used in the first series a little, like during Gokuu and Krilin’s initial training.

    Regarding the animation quality, you should probably go easy on it. One has to remember that this is a very old series, after all. Not only that but you’re downloading an episode. Once you get to see it on DVD, the quality will definitely be better.

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