FMA: Brotherhood ep 1 summary + manga notes

Summary: This first episode begins in Central with a rouge alchemist on the loose and Führer King Bradley giving Colonel Roy Mustang orders to capture him and suggests using the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric as backup forcing him and his brother Alphonse to cancel their train tickets to Lior. The rouge alchemist in question is the Ice Alchemist Isaac McDougal who gets captured easily by the Elric brothers and then escapes the escort guards just as easily as he was captured. Afterwards Ed is informed by Mustang that Isaac served in the Ishval war as a state alchemist later giving up his title after the war and becoming involved in some groups that pose danger to the state.

Enter Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes and his obsession with his family to annoy Mustang and take the Elrics in for the night while Isaac pays a visit to the Crimson Alchemist Zolf J. Kimblee in his prison cell only for his partnership offer to be outright turned down. After which Isaac goes back to drawing his transmutation circles around Central and gets confronted by Roy and escapes again. Then Ed confronts him again after he finishes the last circle and activating all the ones around Central simaltaniously to ride an iceberg towards the capital building with the intent to kill Führer King Bradley.

A third scuffle with the Elrics knocks him off his iceberg while Roy and his men destroy the circles and Isaac almost escapes again only to be killed instantly by the Führer. While Ed is recovering at the hospital from the wounds Isaac gave him Major Armstrong pays him a visit to help alleviate his boredom. Episode ends with news of Isaac’s death reaching to persons in Lior.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This story never happened in the original story, but it did provide some spoilers for those who have read the manga. For example the opening was spoiler-rific by showing a younger Hohenheim and the human transmutation circle of Xerxes behind him. Father also makes some cameo appearances throughout the episode when Isaac activates the circles and when Bradley kills him.


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