FMA: Brotherhood ep 3 summary + manga notes

Summary: The Elric brothers are finally in Lior to investigate the “miracle working” priest and know right away that he is using alchemy. When they got to the church they meet a girl named Rose praying that her dead boyfriend come back to life. After some words by Ed about how humans cannot play god she takes them to see priest Cornello who, fearing they were sent to Lior to suppress his would be rebellion, sicks his men on them. After the grunts are taken care of and negotiations break down Cornello tells Rose to kill the Fullmetal alchemist and talks her into it with the promise of reviving her lover; by playing mind games on her she eventually shoots Al’s head off only to discovery he’s an empty suit of armor.

Cornello then brings out his chimera to deal with them only for it to be beaten by Ed’s automail after which he uses his philosopher’s stone, the source of his “miracles,” to create a machine gun forcing Ed and Al to retreat for the time being so they could get Rose to safety. After escaping the priest’s grunts Al tells Rose how he got affixed to the armor and Ed tricks Cornello into telling his whole plan of building up an army that does not fear death out of his followers so he take over the country on a loud speaker for the whole of Lior to hear. At this point Cornello panics and tires to transmute his machinegun again only to get cut off by Ed and then get hit with the rebound after the stone fails. Still not willing to give up Cornello uses the remaining power to enlarge himself and attack Ed who suppresses him with the statue of the sun god’s fist reverting him back to normal and revealing that his philosopher’s stone was fake when it breaks.

While getting ready to leave Rose confronts the brothers at gunpoint demanding the stone only to be told the dead can never be revived causing her to break down and cry. After some parting words of how she should get up and support herself with her own legs the Elrics depart Lior. Later on a riot ensues over the priest’s lies and Cornello meets Lust and Gluttony in the inner chambers of his church who finish him off for his incompetence.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Overall it covered chapter one and two fairly nicely (no random filler like the first anime), too bad they left out some of the more intriguing mind games the third-rate priest tried to play on Rose. Also, the whole enlargement thing never happened in the original, his stone was supposed to break right after the rebound occurred.


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