FMA: Brotherhood ep 5 summary + manga notes

Summary: This episode starts off with a dream Ed is having only for it to degenerate into a nightmare of his failures and short comings. After getting up Ed and Al are informed that Tucker and Nina were both killed last night and, for their own good, are not permitted to go to the scene. Meanwhile Lt. Col. Huges and Major Armstrong have arrived at East City at the crime scene to investigate Tucker’s death. Back in Lior a Cornello look-a-like has stirred the believers and it’s in the midst of a major riot, the look alike is actually Envy in disguise helping Lust and Gluttony cause destruction. When one of the followers sees Envy transform Gluttony eats him as Lust and Envy discuss Scar, the state alchemist serial killer, who is on the loose in East City and need to take counter measures so the Fullmetal alchemist is not killed by him.

Meanwhile Ed an Al are out sitting in the rain lamenting not being able to save Nina and contemplating the alchemy in which they belive in when Scar appears and attempts to kill Ed. After chasing them through the city for awhile Ed and Al try to counter attack only for Al’s armor to get seriously damage and Ed’s right arm to be destroyed. Helpless and beaten now Ed agrees to be killed by Scar if he leaves AL alone much to Al’s anger. Col. Mustang and his troops arrive before Scar get the chance to finish Ed off and combat ensues with Mustang being useless in the rain and Major Armstrong having to fight Scar in close combat. In the process Scar is found to be a survivor of Ishval before retreating by destroying the streets and escaping into the sewer system.

Al is pissed off at Ed and hits him only for his right arm to fall off in the process and continues to chastise his brother for even thinking of giving up. Col. Mustang tells the Elrics about how the Ishbalans are a race of people who believe in a signal god as their sole creator and how a civil war erupted when an Ishbalan child was killed 13 years ago. Eventually Führer King Bradley dispatched the state alchemists on an extermination campaign to deal with the problem. Then Ed decides to go see his mechanic to get his arm fixed so he can fix Al’s armor.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Almost a perfect adaptation of chapters 6 and 7, though they skipped out on the guards that Scar offed right in front of Ed and Al… and the humor at the end of chapter 7 with all of Mustangs men making fun of Ed when he could not use alchemy… but other than that good.


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