FMA: Brotherhood ep 6 summary + manga notes

Summary: Ed is on a train headed for his home town, Risembool, sitting next to Major Alex Louis Armstrong who graciously volunteered to escort him incase Scar might try to attack again; Al is in the sheep car as cargo so he won’t be lonely. While the train is stopped at a town along the way, Armstrong spots Dr. Marcoh at the station and Ed decides to chase after him thinking he might know something about the philosopher’s stone. After inquiring around town they learn he has taken the name Dr. Mauro and his medical skills are the towns salvation after most of the doctors were drafted into the Ishbal war. When they find his place he greets them with gunfire and paranoia until Armstrong throws Al on top of him to calm him down. While discussing thing with Dr. Marcoh he reveals that he knows how to make the philosopher’s stone and has an incomplete one on his person. Though he rejects telling Ed how to make it he eventually tells him where his research notes are hidden and to hints to greater conspiracies. When Dr. Marcoh gets home Lust is there waiting for him.

Upon arriving at the Rockbell residence and some greetings (insults from the granny and a wrench to the face by Winry), work begins on making Ed a new right arm and adjusting his left leg, it’ll take 3 days. In the mean time Ed visits his mother’s grave and Armstrong gets to hear the story of Ed and Al burned their own house down so they would have nothing to go back to (which moves the major to tears and cause him to give Ed a bear hug upon his return). For the next 3 days Winry and her Grandma work round the clock, pulling all-nighters to get done on schedule. Once it’s finished Ed fixes Al’s armor and the two spar.

Ed, Al, and Armstrong decide to leave on the first train the next day without saying goodbye to Winry who wakes up, tired, anyway to see them off. After the credits role we see Winry wake up after sleeping the whole day to discover a screw with a tag on it and a “this is bad” face on.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) OK, this is rushing way too fast, this ep covered chapters 8 and 9 but left A LOT of stuff out. First it left out all the other officers stating their reasons why they could not escort the Elrics and why only Armstrong was available, second they left out the panel that showed Lust was in the same car as Ed and Armstrong watching them, third they left out the conversation Lust has with Marcoh after he gets home (they could just put this in the next ep, but still…), fourth the left out some dialogue such as the Rockbell’s dog being the best guard in Risembool, and fifth the major was supposed to try and join in the Elric’s sparing. This rushed pacing is not all that great since it means too much minor comical stuff will be left out, they could be doing it to try and rush their way to the stuff that never got animated to begin with… still a nerve wrecker though.


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