Gintama Chapter 254

This post contains Spoilers

Ahh, the great scent of a new arc is in the way, just what I wanted.

Anyway, here comes the newest arc of Gintama… THE JIRAIA ARC!

Summary – After the fall of the Night King, Yoshiwara is safe in the hands of Hinowa… Or is it? It appears that the GREAT Night King has been keeping the crime rate in Yoshiwara in check… But now that he’s fallen…

A new enemy arise!

– Is this awesome or what?

So, in order to find out what’s happening with Yoshiwara and its changes, Tsukuyo and Gintoki decided to follow the “Spider” gang, as they heard of some illegal shipment trade. They decided to best “run into the web of the spider”. Little did they know what was in store for them….

My thoughts – Just as I’d have expect from Sorachi, another plot full of mysterious characters, untold pasts, and best of all, Tsukuyo.

Tsukuyo is probably one of my favorite female leads. She’s very stunning, not to mention that she indepen- Oh wait, this is a blog, I’m going off track.

Anyway, since this IS the first chapter of the arc, there’s really not much to judge since it’s mostly a set-up for the many obstacles ahead in the arc. So really, there’s not much to judge or to rate on. But for a set-up chapter, it’s one of the best I’ve seen.

Things I liked about this chapter:

– Alluding mysterious aura around the chapter

– Unknown character seemingly to have contributed to Tsukuyo’s past

– A hint of destruction to Yoshiwara

– Quick show of development

– GintokiXTsukuyo moment

Hmm, all of them seem great, to be honest, I think I’m too biased to be able to spot any real negatives in Gintama now…

11/10 because I’m a biased bastard.


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