Gintama Chapter 255

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – The chapter starts off with Kagura and Shinpachi gathering information about the Spider Gang, while Tsukuyo and Gintoki infiltrating the gang itself. As Kagura and Shinpachi gets deeper into the mystery, it’s revealed that there’s one person who’s holding up the entire gang, hell, he could even destroy it all by himself if he wanted to. It is said that he uses strange techniques, and fights like a demon. Trying to investigate the man is said to be a lifetime of work, meaning it’s almost impossible to find out his past.

Meanwhile, Gintoki and Tsukuyo meets trouble as the man that was holding up the whole gang (Jiraia)’s killer instinct quickly spots Gintoki and Tsukuyo. He alerts his gang and well, fighting starts. Elsewhere, Hinowa starts explaining about Tsukuyo’s past, and how she once depended heavily on a man. A man that was said to be dead… But soon revealed to be alive. That man was… Tsukuyo’s teacher.

My thoughts – Well, it certainly was an exciting chapter. Jiraia’s battle was sweet and fast. What I liked about it was how Gintoki uses his opponent’s weapon against him (note – In the battle, he used one of the kunais that he was hit with to defend himself). I expect the fight to continue a little longer.

I also liked this chapter since the main characters find themselves in yet another almost impossible to escape situation. I wonder how they’ll survive this round…

Some things did scare me though, like how Jiraia was wearing a mask all along! It was kinda scary, seeing his original face. But then again, I should’ve expected it since why else would Tsukuyo not identify a person that knows her?

Things that I liked about this chapter:
– Fast, but understanding plot, did not tend to drag itself down

– Still keeping it mysterious, but reveals rather relevent information

– Finally, a very serious arc about ninjas! I expect Hattori to participate in this

– A situation where it’s almost impossible to escape

– No people in orange jumpsuits


Tough situation!

Tough situation!

Seems like he knew everything!

Seems like he knew everything!


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