FMA: Brotherhood ep 7 summary + manga notes

Summary: National Central library, 1st branch has been burned to the ground by Lust who did not feel like searching for just Marcoh’s research data, Ed and Al despair. Back in East City Gluttony tracks down Scar in the sewers and the surrounding area is demolished with Col. Mustang going to investigate. At the scene of the incident Scar’s bloody jacket is found and Mustang orders a full search with no breaks until the body is found. Back in Central 2nd Lt. Ross and Sergeant Brosh relieve Major Armstrong of his escort duties and take the Elrics to see Sheska who used to work at the first branch and is very familiar with the texts there. They find her trapped in her own home buried under a pile of books; after some excavating Sheska reveals she has a photographic memory and can reproduce all of Marcoh’s research documents.

Five days later the reproduction process is completed for Tim Marcoh’s “1000 meals for Daily Living” and Ed pays Sheska for her services (a ridiculously large sum of money much to her surprise). At the Central library Ed and Al start decrypting Marcoh’s research notes, after a few days and a lot of frustration Sheska pays them a visit to give her thanks for the payment and shortly after Lt. Col. Hughes drops by to say hi as well. Turns out Hughes can’t get any work done thanks to all the criminal case files being destroyed in the 1st branch fire and so Sheska gets a new job after being “kidnapped” by him. Ten days after they started the brothers crack the code and learn the key ingredient in making philosopher’s stones are living humans.

A couple of days pass by with Ed and Al locking themselves in their room until Major Armstrong shows up having forced Ross and Brosh to tell him the whole story. After “opening” the door the Armstrong way (breaking it down) and discussing the matter, Ed realizes something must still be hidden leading him to suspect the 5th research institution and, going against Armstrong’s orders, goes to investigate it later that night. After Ed sneaks in through an air duct Al is attacked by an armored person wielding a butcher knife.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) Covered chapter 10 and the first 29 pages of chapter 11. The first part of the ep was rushed, they were supposed to arrive at the train station and meet 2nd Lt. Ross and Sergeant Brosh there (with a tearful farewell to the Major). Still peeved about not showing Lust and Marcoh’s conversation and Lust telling she’ll wipe out the town he is living in if he tries anything. The Scar investigation took place at the beginning of chapter 11, this time they placed it before the events of chapter 10. It was supposed to be the people working in the library that tell Ed and Al about Sheska, not Ross. Some minor conversations were skipped (about how Ed codes his research like travel logs and Mustang uses the names of women, Brosh questioning Ed about his arm, etc). Barry the Chopper looks even more badass this time around.


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