Gintama Chapter 256

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – The battle continues on! Gintoki and Tsukuyo tries to stand firm against the almighty Jiraia, but fighting him seems impossible! During the showdown, Tsukuyo’s past is revealed. It seems that Tsukuyo’s teacher, Jiraia, saved Tsukuyo from a fire four years ago. Jiraia protected Tsukuyo, and Tsukuyo only. Not for anyone else, only Tsukuyo…

But, even if the two share a teacher and student relationship, Tsukuyo did not understand that Jiraia didn’t protect Tsukuyo from the fire because he cared about her, it was only because he thought of her as a product. Apparently, Tsukuyo misunderstood her teacher.

Meanwhile, as the battle raged on, Gintoki could do nothing to save Tsukuyo from the grasp of Jiraia. It was a futile attempt. Knowing that it was no use against Jiraia, Tsukuyo tries to make Gintoki run away and have her as the sacrifice.  It was no use, as Gintoki was already trapped in Jiraia’s web, and Jiraia then ends it all with a slash. Gintoki falls into the river…

Suddenly! A man reading JUMP appears. He mutters, “I don’t know nothing. Nope, nothing at all”…

And then, we skip to the part where Gintoki wakes up. Shinpachi, Kagura, and Seita and all by his side, and they reveal that Gintoki had been sleeping for three days. Gintoki asks who saved him, and it’s revealed to be Hattori (obviously). Hattori advises Gintoki not to save Tsukuyo, who’s been kidnapped by Jiraia…

My thoughts – Well, it sure was an exciting chapter. All of the panels where fully used, and Gintoki’s defeat was a thing I totally foresaw. Though, the falling into the ocean thing totally collides with falling into the river thing back in the Yakuza arc, where Gintoki was also, defeated (more liked got jumped, but same thing).

Though, the whole Hattori liking woman of THAT kind was, well, unexpected. Seriously, who knew that Hattori cared more about the inside than the outside? Well, I guess that’s one of the new difference between him and Gintoki. But man, that’s gross…

Nothing else to really comment on, since the whole chapter was a backstory and a fight (an exciting one at that). But Jiraia being all able to walk on air was cool.
Things I liked in the chapter:
– Jiraia flying O_O

– Tsukuyo ACTUALLY being trapped in a web, which is like super-duper cool.

– The fight didn’t drag on as it did in Bleach and Naruto, and gives the readers plentiful of action.

– Unique fighting tactics

– Hattori’s appearance

– Tsukuyo saving Gintoki

And some pictures!

Serious Business

Serious Business

Jiraias Pretty Badass

Jiraia's Pretty Badass

He deserved it

He deserved it


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