Dragon Ball Kai Episode 3 Summary+Review

Summary:This episode starts with little talk then a lot of fighting. Goku and Piccolo teams up against Raditz. Shortly after the fight started, Raditz fired two beams and one of them shot off piccolo’s left arm. Piccolo then tells Goku that he has developed a new technique but Goku need to stall time for him in order to charge it. Goku agreed, and fights Raditz alone for a while. Of course, Goku got his ass handed to him. Then Piccolo’s attack is finally ready, he fires it towards Raditz but it only slightly wounded his shoulder. Then as Raditz charges towards Piccolo, Goku grabs his tail from behind. Since the tail is the weak point of Saiyans, Raditz quickly loses his strength. After realizing his situation, Raditz started begging for forgiveness. Being the gullible idiot that he is, Goku lets go of the tail and regrets it instantly. As Raditz is kicking the crap out of Goku, Gohan became very angry and his power level sky rocketed and knocks Raditz over with this head. After some more fighting, Goku somehow manged to grab onto Raditz and Piccolo fires his special move once again. This time killing Both Raditz and Goku at the same time.

This is a rather interesting episode. A lot of action, thats what Dragon Ball is all about. It is very fast paced. Overall an enjoyable episode, and definitely brings back memories. But dont worry, for those who like to nitpick there is always something u can criticize. Like how Raditz didn’t kill Gohan in 1 strike even though his power level is only 1. Instead he decides to send him flying then slowly walk towards him to finish Gohan off.  Just slowly enough for Goku to grab Raditz from behind. Then of course, Piccolo’s beam. It just had to blast through both Raditz and Goku. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Piccolo to get closer and blast Raditz from the side? Oh and dont forget about the stupid censorship in this episode. They edited out Kid Goku’s penis is previous episodes, but thats ok i guess. But this time they censored the hole the beam made on Goku’s body with gross purple. instead of a bloody hole, it now looks like a bad bruise. that is bullshit.
Episode Rating: 7/10


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