Gintama Chapter 257

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Long ass chat with Tsukuyo and Jiraia. Basically, Tsukuyo realizes that she had been used and Hattori informs of Gintoki about the history of Hattori’s father and Jiraia. It seems that Jiraia’s battle ability isn’t really what’s scary about him, it’s his loyalty. Jiraia was different from all the ninjas, and he thought differently too. He would even turn his face into ash, and destroy his own identity for complete devotion to the Shogun. However, it seems who he’s loyal for is in question. Jiraia tells the shogun that his preys will never know that wouldn’t know when it’s trapped in Jiraia’s web, and Jiraia simply uses them as bait. The actual person he wants to invite in to his nest is… The Shogun. Unfortunately, Hattori’s father quickly saw though Jiraia’s scheme, and eventually saved the Shogun from danger. After that, Jiraia ran and disappeared… Hattori then tells Gintoki that Jiraia will use his “loyalty” to drag his student to his side…

Meanwhile, Jiraia decides to destroy Yoshiwara. It appears Yoshiwara is already covered in his web, and like a magician, he quickly makes a grand fire for all of Yoshiwara… Causing it to be… Destroyed.

When Gintoki knew of how Jiraia rolls, he becomes completely enraged. Memories of Shoyo-sensei comes back to him… The last thing we hear from the chapter is “In the name of my teacher, I’ll take that bastard out, even if I have to die for it!”

My thoughts – Lots of talking in this one. I perfer to just have the characters go down and kick everyone’s asses. But that’s just how I roll…

Anyway, it was nostalgic seeing Shoyo-sensei again, seeing how he hasn’t appeared for a while now. And different memories of him is a win-win. It was kinda cute seeing Gintoki as a child practicing. Really, really awesome there.

It was also scary to see how pissed off Gintoki is, if you look at his eyes, you can spy anger easily. It’s almost as if he’s about to go mad! Guess something really tramatic happened to him, eh? Well, that’s kinda obvious seeing how during the Benizakura arc, Zura said that Gintoki is the one who should hate the world the most.

Hattori’s father saving the Shogun and fighting as Jiraia’s equal was pretty cool. But the fact that it was a different shogun is kinda sad. I liked the new and young Shogun…

Things I like about this chapter

– Gintoki becoming completely enraged

– Memories of the past

– Yoshiwara on fire

– Jiraia’s speech

– Awesome to the max

– Refreshing our memories about Shoyo-sensei

And Some Pictures!

Hattori and Gintoki, discussing their business

Hattori and Gintoki, discussing their business

Youre fucked now!

Gin's Rage

The differences are great...

The differences are great...


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