Gintama Chapter 258

Okay, sorry for lazying around for two days. I’m as tired as hell ._. Anyway, off to blogging Gintama Chapter 258!

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – As Yoshiwara is quickly burning down to the ground, Jiraia reveals his desires, and why he was using Tsukuyo all along. To make a clone of himself and prepare a fight to the death. However, due to Tsukuyo’s reply, Jiraia wasn’t happy with how it worked out. He starts choking Tsukuyo and yelling out that this wasn’t what he brought Tsukuyo up for. He goes insane, as most people would call it. After a few moments with Insane Jiraia, he finally figures out what to do. To give Tsukuyo the same pain he had. Just as Jiraia starts cutting through Tsukuyo’s face, a mysterious wooden sword comes out of nowhere. Jiraia becomes surprised, and it’s quickly revealed to be Gintoki. However, it seems that Gintoki got pissed off, and isn’t so happy to see what happened here. And then, quickly, Gintoki sweeps Jiraia off of his balance by hitting him with the same wooden sword that came out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Shinpachi, Kagura and Seita are trying to protect the streets of Yoshiwara, and Hinowa is trying to command all of the people of Yoshiwara in order to cease the chaos caused by such a storm of hatred. Suddenly, though, many survivors of the Spider Gang reappears, and try to assasinate Hinowa… Only to be stopped by Hattori, who starts helping out Hinowa…

My thoughts – A little sad that there’s barely any Gintoki “screen time”, but it was enjoyable. Especially how Hattori introduces himself to the spider gang. Badass right there. As to be expected from a Jump lover like him.

Some other things I liked about the chapter was the discussion between Tsukuyo and Jiraia. It was pretty emotional, and not to mention that it revealed the motive of Jiraia… Well, part of it anyway. I still don’t get a few things. Like why he would do that in the first place.

What I found weird is that Seita has so little screentime. Oh well, I got pretty annoyed with him screaming out “Gin-san” every three seconds in the Yoshiwara arc. But, he is pretty mature as a kid. Better than most I’ve seen in other series.

Things I liked about this chapter –

– Hattori finally gets some serious action!

– Hinowa’s ability as a commander

– Gintoki’s awesome appearance

– Oh noez, Yoshiwara’s fire is spreading!

– The chat between Tsukuyo and Jiraia

– Jiraia getting owned.




Youre screwed now!

You're screwed now!

You heard the man

You heard the man


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