Elfen Lied Review Ep1

Elfen Lied is one of my personal favorites of all times. Gore, extreme violence, nudity, mutants, Elfen Lied has it all. What is there not to like?

The first episode begins right away with some blood. Some guy gets his arm and head ripped off. Yes thats right, this anime doesn’t screw around, it just gets right to the point. So what happens is this mutant known as Diclonius is trying to escape from a lab that perform experiments on these mutants. So she walks around the facility naked and rips open guards limb by limb. The guards looks like they are armed with MP5 sub-machine guns, but it no effect on the Diclonius. So the mutant finally got out of the lab but a sniper got her. She falls off a cliff and survived. Then she is found near the beach by the two main characters. But for some reason, the mutant is now really stupid, she can’t speak and seems to have a low intelligence.

For a first episode, this one definitely sets itself apart from others. It doesn’t start slow, and it starts the series off nicely. There is little that i don’t like about this episode. If you haven’t see it, go check it out. 9.5/10 people who try this series will love it. And yes you are right, that statistic was made up based on absolutely nothing! But seriously, go see this ep! Either buy it, download it, or kill your friend for it, just find a way to see it.
Episode Rating: 9/10

And for the mean time here are some Screen Caps:


6 Responses to “Elfen Lied Review Ep1”

  1. simplybill Says:

    In all honesty with no purpose of insulting anyone, I only watched and nearly finished the show because of the loli.

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