Gintama Chapter 259

This chapter basically screams out for EPICness, I promise it’s one of the best out there. My favorite chapter of all time so far too <3

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Gintoki’s sudden reappearance surprises both Tsukuyo and Jiraia. Either did not foresaw that Gintoki would actually come back despite what already happened. Just as Tsukuyo tries to convience Gintoki to run away, Gintoki refutes back with one of the most epic speechs of all time.

Of course, Jiraia isn’t going down yet. He tells Gintoki that the one actually holding Tsukuyo down are her friends. Jiraia then tells Gintoki that Tsukuyo is hungry, and she needs top-class prey (which is obviously referring to Gintoki). However, by saying that, Jiraia set himself into a death trap, as those words only makes Gintoki more enraged than before. We then see some memory flashbacks of Gintoki as a child sitting down and eat Riceballs in a field of dead people.

The completely enraged Gintoki tells Jiraia to disappear. He tells Jiraia to take his sorry ass, his sick little games and disappear. Jiraia, who has great experience in battle, quickly notes that the look in his eyes are not of a prey’s nor is it of bait’s. It becomes clear that Gintoki is a completely different man than before. And that he’s actually revealed to be a hunter. Jiraia, frightened by this sudden change, quickly spots an aura of a spider behind Gintoki. Gintoki then warns Jiraia that it’s his turn to be skewered by the web.

And so, a fight suddenly breaks out. Jiraia, at first, quickly corners Gintoki into a confining door, but little did he know, Gintoki had a plan all alone. Since Jiraia is at the door, there’s little room to escape, which restricts his movements. And when his movements are restricted, Gintoki quickly throws a fierce counterattack. In the mist of all this, Jiraia throws a kunai, and Gintoki defends it by sacrificing one of his hands. He then use the Kunai’s thread to restrict Jiraia’s movements yet again. Suddenly, Gintoki appears right in front of Jiraia, and he  asks Jiraia  what happens when a spider trips on his own web. Gintoki tells Jiraia that all the bugs welcome the spider to a “nice party”.

A quick hit to the stomach, and Jiraia takes a devastating blow!

My thoughts – BEST CHAPTER EVER (Well, so far anyway). I’m amazed at how such a chapter exist. Not only does it give multiple emotional development, there’s a lot of action, and better yet, a blast from the past (… What? I HAD to say it :/)! Anyway, the chapter is full of amazing development, and various quotes prove a very valid point.

The Development

– Various amounts of developmen. We were even able to see his past.


– Cool awesome spider aura appearing behind Gintoki, what else can I say?

Blast from the Past

– Shoyo-sensei and Gintoki! Hell yeah!

Epic Speechs

Gintoki gave a few epic speechs, I’ll list them here:

“I won’t let myself die. I won’t let anyone die. Even if the streets are reduced to ashes, we won’t let ourselves die. I won’t let you be alone.”

“Take your sorry ass, your sick little games, and disappear. Vermin.”

“The best lives are those that are lived while getting a little dirty”

“Jiraia, it’s your turn to be skewered by the web, and once your enter my territory, you gave up any hope of you leaving alive. I’m gonna decorate my web with your flesh and bones.”

“You’re the fool”

“Knock it off with that ‘run away’ nonsense. What do you think you can accomplish on your own? Just sit back, and let you tears do the talking as I save you. Don’t be embarrassed if snot starts to come down, it doesn’t bother me. When it’s time to cry, let ’em flow. When it’s time to laugh, let one out from the belly. When your face starts to contort because you gotta cry, then bawl, and nothing less. But when you feel a laugh coming from deep down, then do it with a stupidly huge smile on your face. That’s all they want from you. They’ll lend you an ear or a shoulder…. Carry a heavy load, and walk beside you when you need it. That’s good enough. It’s more important than tossing away your own sense of self just to die a spectacular death.”

Things I liked about the Chapter

– Gintoki’s complete rage

–  The mysterious Spider Aura

– Epic fight

– Development

– Speeches

– Memories


Epic Speech

Epic Speech

God Mode

God Mode

The Past!

The Past!


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