FMA: Brotherhood ep 8 summary + manga notes

Summary: Picking right up where it left off last time, the skull headed armor pulled off a surprise attack entry on Al outside the not-so-abandoned Fifth Research building and then introduced himself as Number 66. Meanwhile, inside the laboratory, Ed found the room where philosopher’s stones are made and squares off against Number 48. As the fight goes on Ed realizes Number 48 lacks a body inside the armor, so Number 48 tells him that 48 was his death row number as the serial killer known as “Slicer” executed and hired to guard Laboratory 5 by eliminating intruders. Number 48 is also kind enough to show Ed where his blood seal is (in the helmet) to make the fight more entertaining for himself. Back at the inn 2nd Lieutenant Ross and Sergeant Brosh find out the Elrics aren’t in their room and head off to Lab 5.

Back in Lab 5 Ed is having some trouble dealing with Number 48 since his right arm is not working properly and Al is thrashing Number 66 into the ground. After knocking Number 66’s head off and learning he is also an empty suit of armor, Number 66 tells Al about the serial killer Barry the Chopper, a butcher who loved cutting up living humans, who was put to death after killing twenty-three people… however he was not really killed but put to work guarding Lab 5 in his armor form. Al never heard of him and Barry is emotionally hurt who tries to prompt a reaction using his hollow body only to give the same reaction he was trying to prompt when Al shows him he’s also an empty suit. After some psychological tactics, and head-shoting the human guard with his butcher’s knife, Barry gets the upper hand on Al. Ed manages to take Number 48’s head off only to get sliced by the main body which has another soul in it (turns out “Slicer” was actually two brothers). Cornered, Ed remembers Scars killing method of deconstruction and uses it on the remaining guard, but refuses to kill them not wanting to become a murder himself.

Outside Al is forced to question his existence as a human by Barry’s psychological attacks, inside Ed admits that if he did not consider the Slicer brothers human he would also be saying Al is not human. Amused, the elder Slicer brother decides to tell Ed who was making philosopher’s stones and who ordered them to guard Lab 5, before he could say any more though Lust finished him off by destroying his blood seal and Envy killed the younger one. Ed’s arm finally gives out on him right before he was about to attack Envy and so Ed only gets a knee to the gut to knock him out instead of any other injuries. Brosh and Ross arrive outside to help out Al while the building comes down thanks to Lust and Envy and Barry makes a quick getaway. Envy delivers Ed outside to his escorts and next door in the prison Kimblee is getting high off of the sound of the explosions going off.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This time the ep covered the rest of chapter 11 along with all of chapter 12 and the first 23 pages of chapter 13 (if only it would have gone one more page the ending would have been great with Barry looking back at the destroyed building commenting how he might as well go enjoy this rotten world’s air a bit longer), also the bit with Kimblee was taken from past page 13. A few minor changes from the manga this time, nothing all that big just conversation like how the younger Slicer bro was supposed to show Ed where his blood seal was and Barry complaining about chopping up the guard when back up arrives. Overall it had nice pacing compared to the last ep and the conversation between Hughes and Mustang was taken from later on (but still, seeing Roy pissed is always fun).


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  1. Just a PasserBy Says:

    What no ~desu?
    Nice review. Now time to re-watch it and compare your notes.

    • hom-chan Says:

      this one made an agreement not to type the way this one normally types within the blogs this one types-desu. If this one ever has to blog something this one does not like or is overly cutsy then this one will go back to typing normal-desu. Says it all on this one’s “about me” page-desu.

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