Major Season 4 Episode 1 Review

America! Thats where Honda/Shigeno Goro is now in season 4. So He gets off the plane and alright got tricked by some hot blonde and got his bag stolen. So Goro is trying to get to Arizona to try out for professional Baseball teams in America. But now he has no money, no equipments, and no way home. All he can do now is pretty much rely on luck and strangers.

This episode is quite entertaining. Great episode to start another season of Major with. There are plenty of humor and it doesn’t stall. By the end of the episode a bunch of awesome stuff has already happened, not only did he get robbed, make friends, get to his desired destination, and also gets seriously owned. I liked the last 3 sea

sons, but this one by far begins most interestingly for me. If you are already a fan of Major, then there is no reason u shouldn’t have already watched this episode. If you have never seen Major, i can tell you its a good anime and worth a try even if you don’t like baseball. But of course, start from Season 1. That is just common sense…
Episode Rating 8/10
And once again, here are some screen caps:


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