Gintama Chapter 260

This post contains Spoilers

Summary- At the start of the chapter, we see a bit of Gintoki’s past. And how he meets Shoyo-sensei (hopefully, when we get to the anime version of this, we get a good VA for Shoyo!). Shoyo meets Gintoki in a battlefield, where Gintoki was sitting down eating a riceball. Shoyo comments that only a demon would eat in a field full of deaths, but then again, Gintoki seems too cute to be a demon. It appears that Gintoki was not the one who killed all those men, and that he was simply there to scare off people in order to protect himself.

Shoyo, being the kind person he is, offers Gintoki to train under him in the arts of the sword. But he notes that a sword is not simply used to kill, or to defend a person. A sword… is to protect your own soul.

Then, we’re back at the present, where Gintoki is owning Jiraia. With quick, swift attacks, in a few pages, Jiraia takes a heavy damage! But, he isn’t going to fall yet, and the two go on for a final brawl, where it resulted in the head smash between the two. Finally, Jiraia falls! In between the battle, Gintoki gave yet another awesome lecture!

Just as Jiraia falls, and we all thought it was over… Jiraia rises yet again! With ignited will, Jiraia tries to kill Gintoki, noting that he already know he really doesn’t fit to be a teacher. Just as Jiraia is about to strike, Tsukuyo steps in, and stops the conflict by inflicting a heavy wound to Jiraia.

My thoughts – Awesome chapter. The fight was pretty good, though, the conversation between Jiraia and Gintoki didn’t match up to chapter 259. But really, really awesome! We got to see Gintoki’s past, Jiraia’s intentions a little, and his feelings, an epic fight, Shoyo sensei, the death of a spider!

Basically, this chapter screams out for epic, and is very satisfying!

(No “Things I liked about this Chapter” since it’s already pretty much said)


The Encounter!

A shout of Anger!

A shout of Anger!

The Brawl To Death!

The Brawl To Death!


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