Dragon Ball Kai Episode 4 Summary+Review

By the end of last episode, both Goku and Raditz are now dead. Kami has brought Goku to see Enma for permission to go training with Kaio-sama. Unsurprisingly, Enma approved it. Now Goku needs to cross the Snake Way that is said to be a million kilometers long. So as Goku tries to get to the end of Snake Way, His friends on Earth has their own problem. Krillin, Bulma, and the others are responsible of finding all 7 Dragon Balls to revive Goku in one year so he can fight the two Saiya-jins that are coming. Piccolo took Gohan with him by force, so he can train him to become a strong fighter to defeat the Saiya-jins. And lastly, Krillin is chosen to be in charge of the most difficult and life threatening task of all: tell ChiChi that Goku is dead and Gohan is taken by Piccolo.

This episode is not bad. Many things happened, and it serve an important purpose in advancing the plot. Although there are no fights, it is not a boring episode. There are some humour here and there, but none are really that funny but it’s good to have i guess. Overall, a mediocre episode. Not much more to say about it. Oh but one thing that is worth noting, is that they seemed to have put back the blood that they censored out in the previous episode! Look:

Episode Rating: 7/10

Here are the Screen Caps:


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