Dragon Ball Kai Episode 5 Summary+Review

Now Gohan is being trained by Piccolo. But before Piccolo starts teaching him how to fight, Gohan must survive in the wilderness for 6 months on his own. As Gohan is struggling, whining, and crying, Bulma has just finished fixing the scouter they took from Raditz. Since Krillin is as useless as he is, he failed to tell ChiChi the truth. So thinking that Goku and Gohan is a Kame House, ChiChi along with his father rush to Kame House to bring Gohan back home to study. But when they get there, Kamesenin (Master Roshi) finally told them exactly what happened. She didn’t take the news very well. Anyways, Goku is still running on the Snake Way, and not much has really happened except he almost fell off it. Near the end of the episode, Gohan transformed into a big monkey cus of the full moon and start blowing stuff up. Unable to stop Gohan, Piccolo blew up the moon. Gohan returned back to his normal form and Piccolo used this change to rip off his tail.

Interesting Episode. Some really bad ass stuff happened. Stuff like, Gohan changing into a huge ape and blow everything up, and Piccolo blew up the moon! He blew up the fucking moon! If you don’t call that bad ass, then i dunno what is. Oh and Gohan was chased by a huge dinosaur:

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Screen Caps:


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