Dragon Ball Kai Episode 6 Summary+Review

Right from the beginning of this episode, Gohan has become much stronger than he was in the last. He can now beat up the dinosaur that wants to eat him, and he cuts off a slice of its tail to eat. Old characters like Yamcha, Tenshinhan (Tian), Krillin, Chaotzu, and Yajirobe are gathered together at Kami’s place for training. And just for convenience, i will be referring to this group as “Group of Useless Characters”. It has been half a year, and Gohan finally gets to train with Piccolo. Goku has also reached the end of Snake Way and started training with Kaio-sama as well.

This episode is extremely fast paced. Goku has already reached the end of Snake Way! They skipped quite a bit of stuff that was in the original Dragon Ball Z series. Stuff like the snake woman and the two red and blue devil guys that Goku meets after he falls off snake way. Whether you think thats a good or bad thing, it is up to you. But for me, I think its a great idea. Those stuff are no important and not that interesting. There are not that many things that i find does not make sense. Maybe except how Kaio-sama’s super small planet actually has a gravity that is 10 times stronger than Earth’s. And how Goku’s hair doesn’t change shape at all under such gravity. But oh well, it’s anime, get used to it. One thing that i am extremely happy about is how the art quality improved significantly in this episode. Take a look:

The improvements are very noticeable. The colors, the lines, it just looks great. this episode is definitely worth watching. Check it out

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Screen Caps!:


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