Dragon Ball Kai Episode 7 Summary+Review

So right now Goku is training with Kaio-sama (King Kai). Before Kaio start teaching him anything, he needs to do two more things. Catch the monkey and hit the big with a hammer. So Goku spends the entire episode just doing that while Kaio-sama watches and eats Chinese food. On Earth, Piccolo is still as harsh as ever with Gohan’s training.

Team useless characters is doing fine for their standards too. So pretty much the whole episode is just about everyone training.

This episode is pretty fun to watch. Goku caught the monkey and hit the bug rather quickly compared to the original Dragon Ball Z. But they skipped over some of the training scenes for the group of useless characters. The part where they go into this simulation where they fight Saiyans is now cut out. Oh well, not that i care that much anyways. there is not a lot of plot in this episode. just a lot or training scenes. But still pretty good.
Episode Rating: 8/10

Screen Caps:


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