Gintama Chapter 261

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Jiraia is defeated, and all is well. Jiraia states that he has finally gotten his wish, to be killed by himself. However, Hattori comes into the scene to say things otherwise.

Hattori reveals that Jiraia isn’t really the heartless bastard he seems, and that he cares for his student very much. It is then revealed that Jiraia’s real name is Tobita Danzou, once from a family of the nobles. However, the family had internal strifes at the time, and eventually, the family had fallen, leaving only Jiraia and his sister behind. Without a family to support on, Jiraia had no choices but to live off of scarps, and had to sell his own skills for a living. Jiraia had to work to the people he hated, and swore loyalty to them. Having no choice but to become a fighting machine, killing then became part of Jiraia’s life. But his sister could not bear what her brother had became, and became a martyr for Jiraia. Having to feel that, Jiraia decided to escape from all this suffering, by having someone kill him.

Tsukuyo, being the kind person she is, said that a teacher’s job is to teach, but a student job is to learn and grow, eventually being able to carry the teacher’s own burden and help him. After hearing this, Jiraia is relieved. And finally dies.

Later, it turns out that no one died from the fire, and that Yoshiwara is being rebuilt. The Yorozuya gang then decides to take Tsukuyo to the place above Yoshiwara.

My thoughts – Lulzy Boobs grabbing by Gintoki yet again. Lucky ;O. The chapter itself was very emotional, and I love how Sorachi gives a pretty nice reason for villians to be “evil”, though, which doesn’t really make them seem bad. I mean, c’mon now, most villians nowadays are just crazy homicidal maniacs that only think of destruction for no valid reason. It’s like their evil erupted out of no where, rather than having a very reasonable action for their being.

Another thing I liked was that the scene where Jiraia died really matches with his personality. A spider only gazes and wonders at the moon, waiting to be able to reach there. And Jiraia died under the moon! This works really well, and although it’s been already been done with Hosen and some other villians, it’s still refreshing to see Sorachi clinging on to his ideas until the very end. Unlike some animes, which takes the plot to another level.

Things I liked about this Chapter:

– Boob grab!

– Giving the bad guys reason for being… Well… Bad!

– Great development

– Lulzy action despite being a serious arc

– More past stuff

– Holding on to the original idea

– Matching the personality of a person with the scene and “tone” of the place


Epic Lulz

Epic Lulz

Seriously similar

Seriously similar

Jiraia of the past

Jiraia of the past


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