Gintama Chapter 262

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Gintoki and the gang tries to cheer Tsukuyo up. Unfortunately, she declines, as she wants to keep helping to restore Yoshiwara back to its original glory. Gintoki gives up… But Hinowa still has some hopes left…

Later, Gintoki decides to go to some Yoshiwara Hostess bar, only to be rampaged by a bunch of “Yoshiwarians” that try to give some “special” service to Gintoki. After a while, he realizes that saving Yoshiwara twice has made him to be a “Messiah” for Yoshiwara, and that he can drink wine and stuff all for free (Even the “special” service *winkwink*).

As he goes into the bar, he meets up with Tsukuyo. Gintoki quickly realizes that this is all Hinowa, Kagura, and Shinpachi’s doing. At first he quickly denies of all of this development, but then comes to accept it when he later knows that all the check has been paid in full.

Just as they sit down for a nice drink, Tsukuyo goes on rampage, mainly due to the effects of the booze she drank. After a wild party, Tsukuyo thanks Gintoki.

My thoughts – Hilarious chapter. Lulzy action. Inapproriate jokes. What more can I say? Gintama’s golden comedy strikes right back, and just after a serious arc which involved major fights. This just shows that Sorachi is a genius, especially making such a great chapter.

Hinowa’s pretty sneaky, and I thought she was more of the “serious” kinds of people, but I guess even serious people lighten up casually sometimes.

What’s kinda weird is that even though Yoshiwara was badly injured (eg. Buildings on fire and etc), the bar seems to be perfectly fine. I’m guessing that the carpenters focused on that, or else they can’t give out some “extra” service, amirite? (Okay, my bad sense of humor is acting up again…)

But seriously now, GintokiXTsukuyo moments are just hilarious!

Things I liked About This Chapter

– Gintoki getting beat up by Tsukuyo

– Lots of girls surrounding Gintoki

– Hilarious chapter

– Drunk Tsukuyo


Gintoki Getting Beaten Up

Gintoki Getting Beaten Up

Thats Right...

That's Right...




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