Elfen Lied Episode 3 Review

After being in the rain, and having the shit kicked out of him, Kouta is now lying sick in bed. The guys from the lab decided to send out another Diclonius (Nana) to hunt down Lucy.

This is a relatively slow episode for Elfen Lied. There is no killing or fighting. I guess you can call it a more peaceful episode.

It just shows more of the characters’ daily lives and introduce two important roles and of course to set up for the next episode. With that said, this is not a boring episode. For starters, they have more nudity and ecchi moments. I am gonna show you some screen shots of those. But unfortunately I hate you all, so I personally censored all the good stuff with something I am sure almost no one will find the slightest bit arousing.

Yeah so if you like seeing naked bloody lolis, then you won’t be disappointment. Overall not a bad episode, but its not great especially compared to the first 2. But I assure you, it will get better soon.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Here are you precious screen caps:


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