Elfen Lied Episode 4 Review

With little talk, the fight between Lucy and Nana has begun. Armed with weapons as dangerous as their vectors, if they were to fight seriously one of them will get seriously hurt.

This episode is simply AMAZING! It has one of my favorite anime fight scenes of all times. Nana VS Lucy. Words cannot fully express how awesome that is. So instead, I will let this do the talking:

And trust me, that doesn’t show nearly half of the awesome things that happened in this episode. The plot of this episode is pretty good. Nothing special though. And there are of course some things that didn’t quite make sense. Like how they keep sending soldiers that have guns that doesn’t do jack crap against a Diclonius. But oh well, minor problems. The action and gore is way more than enough to compensate for that. Overall a very nice episode, of course unless you don’t like seeing someone get torn apart limb by limb.

Episode Rating: 9.5/10

MORE Screen Caps:


8 Responses to “Elfen Lied Episode 4 Review”

  1. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Okay, I really trust you.

    Your favourite anime fight scene of all time wasn’t even half of the awesome things that happened in the episode.

    The plot was “pretty good”, but it was nothing special. In other words you deduced that your favourite anime fight scene was nothing special.

    Ohhh and the gore compensates the fact that there was nothing special. WTF? Hand drawn gore of some little anime girls is sooooooo awesome and cool? Seriously, gore shouldn’t be the reason an anime is good. It’s the storyline and characters, idiot.

    Lame blog post.

    • goplaygo Says:

      Reading comprehension is obviously not one of your strengths.
      First: “And trust me, that doesn’t show nearly half of the awesome things that happened in this episode.” “THAT” refers to the animated gif and not the entire fight scene.

      Second: Fight scene is not a major part of my considerations when i am evaluating the plot

      And lastly, your final point would be more valid if you said the storyline and characters are the most important. Rather than them being the only 2 factors that matters. So after all this, it has become clear that you cannot read properly and just talk through your ass without thinking.

  2. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Your endeavours to insult me a futile.

    “Words cannot fully express how awesome that is. So instead, I will let this do the talking”

    This implies that you have a deficiency in vocabulary size and articulacy. The GIF was supposed to illustrate the “awesomeness” of the fight scene, therefore “THAT” was representing the fight scene which you claimed was not half of the awesomeness in this episode.

    You make no sense. You lack a lot of intelligence if you’re assuming that I’m the one with a deficiency in comprehension skills.

    “And trust me, that doesn’t show nearly half of the awesome things that happened in this episode. The plot of this episode is pretty good. Nothing special though.”

    Straight after stating that the fight scene was not even half of the “awesome things” that happened in this episode, you claim that the plot of this episode is “pretty good”, though it’s nothing special. Pretty good at awesome together is an oxymoron.

    Don’t get all defensive. I didn’t mean to offend you as much as to give your blogging a critique. I read in other blogs that many users are open to criticism and wish to improve. That’s what I offered. Drop it and improve yourself for next time.

    (No, I’m not claiming to be the master of blogging. I’m just pointing out things that I noticed.)

    • goplaygo Says:

      “Your endeavours to insult me a futile.” I don’t have to insult you, that pretty much speaks for itself.

      No… “that” refers to the gif. I wrote the post, so it is nonsense to claim you know what I meant better than I do.

      And I lack “A LOT of intelligence” ? Intelligence cannot be quantified but can be evaluated. And it’s just ironic how in the same sentence you claim that I don’t make sense.

      Something that is not special can be pretty good too you know? In fact, it can even be awesome. And once again you have failed to sound smart. Oxymoron is when someone uses two terms together that are contradicting like “good bad” “evil nice”. Obviously this is not the case. I was saying the episode and the fight scene was awesome. While the plot is pretty good. I evaluate the quality of the episode in different aspects and not just focus on two areas as you suggested (plot and characters)

      Now don’t bullshit me. You came to my blog, misinterpreted my post, called me an idiot. And you are saying you don’t mean to offend?

  3. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Intelligence is a word used to describe one’s comprehension and reasoning ability. I am much more intelligent than you, therefore you are lacking in intelligence compared to me. IQ tests are designed to test one’s intelligence by a fixed quantity, don’t argue science here my friend or you are just making a red herring. But this is all digressing us from the main point.

    I was merely pointing out how you made a contradictory statement. A contradictory statement is an oxymoron. I don’t intend to be technical here as it’s my diction for your idiotic statement.

    “Awesome” and “pretty good” describing the same topic does not make any sense whatsoever. End of story.

    “that doesn’t show nearly half of the awesome things that happened in this episode.”

    THAT was as you said referring to the fight scene which was represented by the GIF. To deny this is to elucidate your capricious disposition and lack of forethought in making this blog.

    So the fight scene was not half of the awesome things that happened in this episode. And to solidify this statement, you state that the plot was “pretty good but nothing special”. Maybe you’re just a terrible blogger who had fixed thoughts but failed to demonstrate it in words. You don’t solidify a statement encouraging viewers to watch it by saying “nothing special”.

    No point arguing, you’re never going to give up. It was my fault for assuming you were an open-minded individual that accepted and learned from criticism and mistakes. You’ll never get better at this rate.

    -Ended by decision

    • goplaygo Says:

      Once again you just don’t get it. Yes I agree with you, intelligence can be measured and evaluated just like I said in my last post. the problem is you can’t quantify it.

      Really? thats what you meant when you said Oxymoron? Oh well sorry I didn’t know that you were using words out of context and misusing it in a way you invented yourself. Damn, i should have known.

      And By the way, the gif only shows a very small part of the whole fight. That is what I meant, the gif (that) does not even show half the awesomeness.

      If I am being constructively criticized on things i really should have done better on, then I would consider improving on that next time. But it has become obvious that you misinterpreted my post, making baseless claims, and insulting me on a personal level. I do not consider that constructive.

  4. some random person Says:

    May i ask you your reason that motivates you to blog sir?

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