Elfen Lied Episode 5 Review

The episode gives the back story of the girl they found in the previous episode (Mayu). Apparently she ran away from home because his step father was molesting her frequently. After Mayu’s part, Kouta and Yuka stupidly decided to bring Nyu to school with them for some reason. There, this weird freaky perverted professor claim that Nyu is the daughter of his brother. Being the complete gullible idiot that he is, Kouta immediately believed him and just went with an Okie Dokie. It turns out the professor wants to destroy mankind by having Nyu bear his child.

Nice episode. Little gore and action, but the back story of Mayu and the events that takes place after that are very entertaining. There are some humor

and the episode serves nicely for further developing the important characters while giving the viewers more information. They have also ended it well with a small twist and some murder.

Overall a worth watching episode.

Episode Rating: 8/10

More Screen Caps!:


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