FMA: Brotherhood ep 9 summary + manga notes

Summary: Ed just woke up in his hospital room where he’s being treated for the injuries sustained during his fight in Lab 5. After 2nd Lt. Ross and Sergeant Brosh inform him of Lab 5 being blown up Ed starts ranting only to be slapped by 2nd Lt. Ross and given a lecture about how he should rely more on other people and trust his elders. Immediately thereafter Ross and Brosh straighten up, apologize and ask what punishment they will receive for speaking in such a manner to a higher ranking officer (a State Alchemist is equivalent to being a Major), Ed tells them that it was his fault and he won’t punish them, nor do they need to be so formal when addressing him. Brosh apparently gave Al the same kind of lecture and hurt his hand in the process and Ed realizes he still has to call Winry to get his arm fixed, instead of the screaming he was expecting Winry is “nice” about it (it was her fault for not doing the maintenance properly).

Al’s been sitting off in some dark corner of the hospital contemplating what Barry said to him at Lab 5 and Winry arrives in central station with a sore rear from the ride. After being escorted to the hospital by Major Armstrong and seeing how badly Ed is injured she becomes distraught and Ed tries to cheer her up by telling her that since his arm broke he did not get hurt anymore, prompting Winry to realize Ed did not notice the missing part and then charging him a rush fee. After the maintenance is completed Lt. Col. Hughes drops by hearing that Ed has a woman in his room (which is true) and to tell him he’ll be free from escorts soon giving Winry and excuse to question what they’ve been up to. Afterwards Hughes “kidnaps” Winry to attend his daughters 3rd birthday party where Hughes tells Winry the reason why the Elrics never tell her anything is so she won’t worry as much, also that men “speak with actions not words” while threatening a group of boys with a gun that all want to play with Elicia. By the next day Winry and Elicia develop something like a sisterly bond.

Back in the hospital Edward Elric is facing off against his most hated enemy: milk, with Al telling him he has to drink it since he has a human body. Ed starts complaining about how he does not like milk and how Al is lucky to be big prompting an outburst from Al just as Winry comes by for a visit. After Al states all his doubts about his existence and the idea that he might be a fake, Ed walks out of the room after understanding that’s what’s been troubling Al. Winry then beats Al with her wrench and tells him that Ed is afraid to ask if Al hates him or not since he blames himself for Al’s current state then orders him to go after Ed. Al finds him on the roof and after a brief round of sparing that Ed wins (for the first time in his life), the brothers reconcile and resolve to get stronger. Elsewhere Scar is wondering where everyone went only to be greeted by a state alchemist claiming to be the one in charge of the area’s extermination, then Scar wakes up (from his dream sequence flashback) to find fellow Ishbalans in the slums outside East City who saved him from the sewers and addressed his wounds. After confirming his right arm is still attached he tells his saviors it’s a “precious bond” he got from his family.

Manga notes: (spoilers impending) This episode starts from page 29 of chapter 13. Only minor differences again, the first of which being no mention of the hospital Ed is admitted to being a non military one to avoid questioning, the second being Winry not answering the phone rudely with her Grandma in the background muttering about her bad manners, thirdly one line of the phone conversation being left out (Winry saying she’s always nice), fourth no nurse, fifth the toy robot is filler; ending sentence here because it’s long. Next up on the page by page differences going into chapter 14: Winry first assumes that Ed is in a juvenile detention center when Armstrong tells her he has been “admitted” and a personal disappointment in Ed not being a mummy thanks to Armstrong hugging him and making him more injured, needs more Armstrong in general, needs more talk of what’s bugging Al, needs more giant teddy bears, also Winry was supposed to fix one of Elicia’s toys. And into chapter 15 up to page 18 before skipping ahead to show what Scar is up to.


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