Gintama Chapter 263

This post contains Spoilers

Summary: Gintoki is waiting at the dentist’s. It appears that he hates going to the dentist, the feeling of unease, and that tacky music. He hates ALL of it. To him, it’s an execution (it’s like that for everyone). Hell, he’d even give Sadaharu a sloppy and wet kiss in order to go home. In all the madness and chaos in Gintoki’s head, he finally decides to read something, like a magazine, so that it can make him focus on something else. Just as he goes to get that certain magazine, a familiar figure appears… It turns out to be Hijikata.

It turns out that Hijikata is a BIG fan of  Shounen Magazine Reject. Which is actually the mortal enemy of JUMP. And because of their similar differences (wait, whut), they get into an argument about the two magazines. Which led to the result of the nurse having to shut them both up.

Gintoki, knowing that Hijikata is only pretending to “get along” (not really) with him to  expose his weakness, tries to make evidence that Hijikata is scared of the dentist too. Which is quite obvious since Hijikata’s both shaking and looking pale (or so what Gin says).

Later, we meet Hasegawa, and apparently he’s going to a dentist appointment right now. After hearing some really strange noises, we see Hasegawa coming back from a dentist appointment, and his hand changes to… A toothbrush?! More chaos swirls both in Gintoki’s and Hijikata’s mind… Then Kondo also appears. This time, he has an arm on his head holding a tooth brush?!

And then… Finally, it’s Gintoki and Hijikata’s turn… Due to their stubborn attitudes, they decided not to admit their defeat, and enter the gates of hell.

My thoughts

Pretty funny for this chapter. I never really liked the dentist anyway, so I’m glad that Sorachi made fun of them a little. But I’m sure that this chapter’s story will continue. And also, it reminded me of the RPG arc, where Gintoki’s d**k gets turned into a screwdriver. Sweet chapter overall, I loved the debate with JUMP. I mean, I haven’t seen that for a while now. Another thing it reminded me of was Death Note. Ya know, the two characters trying to decieve each other and stuff.

Things I liked about this chapter

JUMP debate

– Gin’s hate towards the dentist

– Hasegawa and Kondo’s misfortune

– Leaving the chapter off with a cliffhanger

– Gintoki’s and Hijikata’s stubborn attitude towards each other

– The chapter reminded me of Death Note.




Somethings Wrong...

Something's Wrong...

Somethings definitely wrong!

Something's definitely wrong!

Also, Gin Five is out in stores, and Volume 29 hits bookstands July 3rd.


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