Dragon Ball Kai Episode 8 Summary+Review

Goku and the team of useless characters have all finished their training. Goku have somehow learned the kaio-ken and Genki-dama (spirit bomb) off screen. Everything seems to be going well until Kaio-sama suddenly realize he forgot to leave time for Goku to return to Earth by crossing the Snake Way ones more. It is likely that Goku will be one day late. By using the Dragon Balls, Goku is wished back to life by his friends. Shortly after the wish was made, the two saiyajin finally arrived.

Interesting episode. It nicely wraps up the training of everyone. Goku shows his stuff by catching the monkey and hitting the bug thing at an incredible speed. He also demonstrated the Genki-dama for the first time in this series

And of course, another thing that made this episode interesting is the fact that Vegeta is finally here! And you know what that means. It’s murdering time! Other than that, not much really happened. They showed some of Gohan’s training and they summoned Shenron to wish back Goku. Overall, not bad.

Episode Rating: 7.5/10

Here are more Screen Caps like usual:


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