FMA: Brotherhood ep 10 summary + manga notes

Summary: The Ishbal extermination campaign, during that time Colonel Mustang set his sights on the top of the country in order to protect it with Hughes backing him, back in the present Mustang wakes up from his “boring flashback” to finish his work before being transferred to Central (cue the opening). Back in Ed’s hospital room he’s made a rough sketch of his attackers in Lab 5; as the Elrics, Huges, and Armstrong are trying to come up with a way to proceed Führer King Bradley makes an unexpected visit with a melon as a gift. After some joking seriousness by Bradley he gives them all an order not to investigate further or to disclose any information on the matter saying he will do so himself while making a quick escape out the window to avoid his subordinates (he snuck out of work). Winry arrives with the train tickets to Dublith, the home of the Elric’s alchemist master (whom they are terrified of), and in route is the “Holy Land of Automail mechanics,” Rush Valley, causing Winry to beg to be taken along.

The next day at the Hughes household the family sees Winry off, as Hughes goes to work he tells Winry to stop by if she is ever in Central again and to give his regards to the Elrics. On the train Winry asks why they want to see their master, the answer being to get stronger both physically and mentally and to ask about the Philosopher’s stone and the “truth beyond the truth” even if they get killed in the process. Back in Central Hughes learns that the riots in Lior have calmed down and decides to do some research in the criminal records department. After discovering something about all the violent locations throughout the country’s history, Lust appears to say goodbye to him for finding out too much, but Hughes manages to escape using a knife concealed on his person. After staggering outside to use a public phone to call Mustang, 2nd Lt. Ross appears behind him with a gun pointed at the back of his head, Hughes isn’t fooled since the mole under her left eye is missing, after Envy fixes his blunder he takes on the appearance of Hughes wife to catch him off guard and finish him off. As Mustang picks up Envy hangs up and leaves Hughes to die in the phone booth regretting that he can’t go back to his wife and daughter.

Back on the train Ed and Winry are enjoying an apple pie that Gracia (Hughes’s wife) made while Al adds it to the list of things he wants to eat when he gets his body back. The conversation shifts to how Ed will have to thank Hughes for visiting him every day in the hospital despite being busy with work. Back in Central the funeral of specially promoted after being killed in the line of duty, Brigadier General Maes Hughes is proceeding. After the burial Mustang admits he is frantically trying to figure out human transmutation in his head and can understand how the Elrics must have felt now. After investigating the scene from the library to the phone booth, Mustang speaks with Armstrong about what happened and realizes that the higher ranks must be involved if Armstrong cannot answer his questions. Based on what Armstrong said, Mustang deduces it might be an organization that has ties with the philosopher’s stone that killed Hughes. Mustang decides to thoroughly investigate the military leadership as soon as he is transferred to Central.

Mnaga notes: (spoilers impending) This episode was practically a direct panel to animation adaptation with only on scene on the train being shown sooner (before Hughes getting murdered) as the only notable difference. Overall this episode covered from chapter 15, page 19 to chapter 16, page 24. The part of Envy hanging up the phone was the only non-manga scene in the episode. And now Roy’s soul shall slowly be consumed by the flames of revenge.


3 Responses to “FMA: Brotherhood ep 10 summary + manga notes”

  1. May Says:

    not talking about the newspaper?

    • refinder Says:

      That was mostly me making a fuss about it; I might make a post on abnormalities and oddities sometime. I wonder how much more hom-chan’s writing style resembles mine after more than a semester of editing her work?

  2. simplybill Says:

    HUGHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Even if I know what will happen…

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