Dragon Ball Kai Episode 10 Summary+Review

The fight continues after Yamcha got blown up. Krillin shows off a new move of his, and killed a couple of Saibaimen. But before he can enjoy the glory of doing something useful, Piccolo overshadows his minor achievements by killing a Saibaiman with style. So now Nappa takes on the rest of them by himself. Piccolo got beaten up, Tenshinhan got his arm punched off

then later he over did a Kikoho and died without hurting Nappa, and Chaozu blew himself up without doing any damage as well.

As you can tell by now, this episode is very entertaining. What can be more entertaining than watching these useless characters try hard and die a meaningless death? It is jam packed with action. There really isn’t much more i can say about this, since it is mostly fights. Overall a kick ass episode.

Episode Rating: 9/10

I would like to thank those who have been keeping up with my posts for Dragon Ball Kai, and to show my appreciation, this time ALL screen caps are animated gifs! Yeah shut up, I know its only 7 but they are troublesome to make! So be grateful. Oh and if you like this or have suggestions for what can be improved on in the future, LEAVE COMMENTS!!!

Here they are:


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