Dragon Ball Kai Episode 9 Summary+Review

Nappa and Vegeta has arrived on Earth. Nappa blew up a city as his way of saying hi. As the Saiyajins search for the strongest power on the planet, they have found Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan. Since Piccolo and the others are not considered as a threat at all, Vegeta ordered Nappa to plant some Saibaimen to fight instead. Each Saibaiman according to Nappa, is about as strong as Raditz. After Tenshinhan and the others arrive, Vegeta suggests that they should fight the Saibaimen 1 on 1 for fun. Tenshinhan fought first, and won without breaking a sweat. The Yamcha decides to act cool as well, and fights the Saibaimen. He won the fight, but he lets his guard down and the Saibaiman blew itself up and killed Yamcha. The episode ends with Krillin being all pissed off and ready to kick some ass.

Great episode! I like how the creator gave the useless characters a chance to act cool.

And of course, it turns more awesome when Yamcha dies because of his arrogance and stupidity. I guess you can’t blame him for being rusty, he hasn’t done anything useful for a LONG time! I find his death more funny than it was intended to be. This episode also develops the characters of the two Saiyajins. Nappa is the typical big stupid man that likes to do reckless things without thinking. This is shown by how he blew up the city without thinking that he might damage the Dragon Balls. Vegeta is very short especially compared to Nappa, but he is portrayed as someone that is smarter, stronger, and probably more evil than Nappa. Overall I like this episode a lot.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

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