Elfen Lied Episode 6 Review

After being such an idiot last episode, Kouta decided to go check on Nyu and see if she is ok. Upon his arrival, he discovered that the weird professor that he stupidly gave Nyu to is now dead. Little pieces of the pass were also recalled by Kouta. The rest of the episode mainly focuses on the relationship between Kouta and Yuka. Also, two characters are making their re-appearance after having their asses handed to them before.

Yes! Guess whose back! That’s right, the big dumbass army guy! And he is beating women again as usual.

Oh and Nana is back as well. I think that’s pretty cool. Bringing back the two characters that got owned before. Especially the army guy, I thought that was it for him after he got his arm ripped off and eyes gouged out. Yeah so that was what I liked about this one. But the part about Kouta and Yuka, that was just something I didn’t really care about. I rather they give Lucy, Nana, and the dumbass army guy more screen time. But oh well, i guess a little bit of romancy scenes are needed even in a bloody violent anime.

Episode Rating 7.5/10

Screen Caps:


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