Beelzebub Chapter 1

This post contains Spoilers

Note: I originally didn’t intend to blog Beelzebub, despite it being very hilarious and awesome. But one certain day, I thought to myself “Aww, what the hell”.

Summary: “Long, long ago, in a certain place, there was a very very handsome, cool, popular, respected-by-all, respected-by-all young man.” Or that’s what Oga Tatsumi, a middle schooler that goes by the name “Kata Middle School’s Ogre”, thought. In actuality, he’s a delinquent that pretty much everyone’s afraid of. One day, just as he was beating up some totally unrelated characters that no one cares about, he sees a large old man floating down a river. Oga decides to pull the man from the river, and then surprisingly, the man splits in half. And from within, there was a lively little baby. He decides to handle matters with his friend (while going to his house with the baby), who goes to an outrage at the incredibly story told.

While at the friend (Furuichi)’s house, a woman in a gothic lolita dress appears out of nowhere, and explains that the baby is her master, and that the master would never like Oga. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

As she sits down for some tea, she reveals that the baby she’s serving is actually the Devil King’s son, that goes by the name “Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub The 4th”. And the next in line for the Devil King. It appears that the baby wants Oga to be the Demon King’s parent. We see a flashback about the Demon King being too busy to destroy Earth, so he sends his son in.

Of course, Oga and his friend denies this, and they try to run away, but the Demon Maid was too quick, so she traps Oga and his friend, making Oga bleed a little for a threat. Beelzebub, seeing the blood dripping from Oga’s face, goes into an “electrical outrage” that nearly destroys everything, but Oga makes the baby settle down. Suddenly, just as everything was going back to normal, a tower drops down in a flash. Oga, seeing that the baby is right next to it, quickly rushes to save the baby. What happened next is unknown, but the steel tower disappeared. Oga passes out.

Later, he wakes up, only to think that everything was a dream, but then suddenly see the reappearance of the Demon Maid. Being surprised, Hilda, the Demon Maid, tells Oga that they are now the Demon King’s parents, getting ready to raise him and make him a Brilliant Human Destroying Demon King.

My Thoughts – Beelzebub certainly knows how to keep a person entertained. From man-splitting babies to RPG references. This manga is a great read! Actually, I’ve been recommending this manga for quite a long time, and most of the people who has read it certainally have a positive attitude towards it. Beelzebub is probably going to do much better in the near future. Though, did they have to have the baby be naked most of the time? I mean, c’mon now. They could at least make him wear a diaper.

This is definitely a great read, and Hilda seriously looks like Tsukuyo.

Things I liked about this Chapter

– The story

– Randomness

– Lulz, demon king

– Hilda

– Hilda looking like Tsukuyo

– Oga’s approachi towards things

– Reference to RPG games

– Reference to Deltora Quest

– The story’s introduction


No pictures for this series. Sorry.


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