Elfen Lied Episode 7 Review

Now that the dumbass army guy has met Nana, he started attacking her. Then Nana became angry and shifted into murdering mode. She defeated the army guy easily, but she did not hurt him much. After Nana went separate ways with the army guy, she walks around town trying to find food. But since she has been in the lab for her whole life, she has no idea how money works. Nana then met Mayu by chance, and her artificial leg came off while they chat. Of course, Mayu fainted after seeing that. After Mayu wakes up, they went to Kouta’s house. Once they are there, Nana sees Nyu and she charged into the house in anger.

The episode mainly focuses on Nana. I think it’s a good change ones in a while to let the side characters have more screen time and further developing their characters. The interaction between Nana and Mr. Dumbass Army Guy was interesting. The army guy shot at her, and Nana shoots out her arm, it’s just awesome. And they end that with some humor.

I also liked how Nana have absolutely zero knowledge on money and pretty much everything else in the outside world. Which in her case would be realistic. The way the episode ends makes you want to watch the next episode right away. So over all i liked this one.

Episode Rating: 8/10

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