Elfen Lied Episode 8 Review

Nana attacks Nyu and was surprised at how harmless Nyu is. After that, Nana showed Mayu her Vectors and gave her some basic information. The second half of the Episode is about Lucy’s past.

Great episode! There are some murders in this one. It’s been a while since they the last time they had that. It’s not just regular murder either, it shows Lucy killing her classmates when she was a child. Nothing sounds quite as pleasant as dying children.

Aside from the murder, Lucy’s past in general is very interesting. She was bullied because she was different. You know, the usual rules of the play ground. Most of us should know what I am talking about. And it shows how she develops the vectors, and then finally snaps and torn the bullies apart after they killed her dog. Over all a very nice episode.

Episode Rating: 8.5/10

Screen Caps:


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