Elfen Lied Episode 9 Review

This entire episode is about Lucy’s past. So it begins with her meeting Kouta for the first time in some random place. Right before she kills him, Kouta excitedly said her horns are really cool. After that the two became friends and play ones in a while. At night, Lucy will go around town and choose randoms houses to live in. She will go in and kill everyone so she can take a shower and have some food. As Lucy thinks she made a good friend, Kouta told her that he has to leave, but before that they can go to the zoo. On their way back home from the zoo, Lucy asked Kouta if she can go to the festival with him. But Kouta said no because he already promised to go with his cousin. He then lied by saying his cousin is a boy when Lucy asked. On the day of the festival, Lucy found out Kouta lied. Then she went all angry and killed a lot of people. You know, doing her usual stuff.

Once again, excellent episode. This was definitely better than the last episode. Lucy’s past just gets more and more interesting. It gives the viewers a lot more background information, and after watching this episode I have a pretty good idea how Lucy ended up the way she is now. And on top of that, it further proves my theory, which is “Kouta is an idiot”. If only he didn’t lie about something he didn’t have to lie about, all this crap wouldn’t have happened. He was lying for the fun of it! What a douche bag. This series should be called “Kouta Lied” instead of Elfen Lied. Anyways, kick ass episode, go watch it.

Episode Rating:9/10

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2 Responses to “Elfen Lied Episode 9 Review”

  1. karen Says:

    wher did u get all the moving pics from?

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