Gintama Chapter 264

Sorry ’bout the late blog. I had to do stuff… and cry about the finale of Eyeshield 21.

But anyway! Lets move on.

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – This is a continuation of the previous chapter. Gintoki and Hijikata enters the dentist’s den. However, what they saw was something totally horrific… The dentist’s office was a bloodbath! There was even a chainsaw stored somewhere in the office. The dentist talks with Gintoki and Hijikata a little, and of course, only makes things worse for the two poor souls. Naturally, Gintoki and Hijikata wanted someone else to examine them. And by a stroke of luck, the doctor lets his assistants do the work since it didn’t look anything serious. He then proceeds to ask which assistant that Hijikata and Gintoki wants. “The Doom Spector Shazan-san, or Nakayama-san”. Of course, both wanted Nakayama-san, since the name was the most normal of the choices. Gintoki managed to get it first, but Nakayama-san was actually a robot-like human, much to Gintoki’s dismay. Hijikata, of course, chooses the next normal name. Shazan-san. But, much to Hijikata’s dismay, is also a robot. It turns out that both of them where Doom Spectors.

The two robots blabbed on and on about getting a treatment instead of having their teeth looked at. Of course, Gintoki asks for them to drop the modifications. One of the robot says that the closest thing to that are the Z and X courses.

Z course:  Treatment for your teeth, and a relaxing massage

X course: Treatment for your teeth, and a free visit to the Salad Bar.

Gintoki chooses the Z course. Which then led him to be fused with a Massage girl.

Hijikata chooses the X course. Which then led him to be fused with a Salad Baa/Old woman.

Both are in more dismay than they already are, but then the actual treatment begins…

It was a harsh treatment, but Gintoki and Hijikata felt no pain. The robots explain that their pain are being transferred to the two fused with them. Both of them thought that it’s not their fault for the fused to feel their pain, but they felt too guilty, despite telling them themselves that they did nothing wrong.

Later… A lady tells the two that they don’t do dentistry, and this is actually a Surgeon’s workplace. Gintoki and Hijikata proclaims they already know that, and that they want to fix the two fused with them…

In the side text of the manga, it says “This is… love”

My thoughts – Well, if that’s the surgeon’s workplace, I bet that a dentist’s workplace is MUCH worse! This chapter was a very chaotic one (of course, more chaotic means more comedy, I’m noting this in a positive light). This just shows how evil cavity is, and that the way to take them down is to make peace with them. Also never mistaken a dentist’s workplace for a surgeon’s workplace. Nakayama-san and Shazan-san reminded me of Gundams. The “Massage” and “Massage girl” part was pretty funny in my opinion. And it just shows you that Gintoki and Hijikata cares a lot for others, even strangers that they just met.

Though, I wish the JUMP debate extended a little more.

Things I liked about this chapter

– Mixing Surgeon with Dentist

– Gintoki’s and Hijikata’s unfortune

– Gundam-look a like robots

– Light-hearted, but also sad and serious.

– Surprising twists






Feeling Guilty

Feeling Guilty


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