Beelzebub Chapter 2

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – At the beginning of the chapter, we see Oga walking around Ishiyama High, the 120% delinquency ration delinquent school. We then see two men taunting Oga, but then got owned with a rattle for babies. It turns out that Oga brought Baby Bell to school (The baby’s name is Beelzebub, Bell is just a form that Oga made up).Later, he talks to his friend, and we gotten more information as to what happened.

Apparently, Hilda infiltrated Oga’s house, “accidently” (perhaps on purpose), made Oga’s family believe that Oga and Hilda had a “relationship”, which further went on to baby-making. This made Hilda able to stay in the house. While in all the chaos, Baby Bell requested for a piggyback ride, which led Oga to kicking him, and, as what was predicted, Bell used a demon attack on Oga, electrifying him. Hilda then notes Oga must stay 15 meters within the baby’s range, or else Oga might get a certain instant death level crying from someone.

Back to the present, Baby Bell meets up with some delinquents, and is taken hostage. To make things worse, the Sanada brothers (AKA Ishiyama’s Two Headed Dragon), Killer Machine Abe, and Good Night Shimokawa all join in on the fun. By the sudden surprise of all the people that has joined, Oga takes the advantage and snatchs Baby Bell away. Now he fights against everyone, and pretty much massacred everyone. Thus, the Delinquent leader who shot all the country’s delinquents into the deepest fear, Child carrying gang leader’s Beelzebub’s legend, began.

My thoughts –

Pretty epic chapter. Fast paced, but not too fast. Oga is pretty much on a God-scaled level from what I can see. Though, I don’t know if he may deal with the challenges ahead…

On a secondary note, the part where Hilda tricks Oga’s parents and family is pretty funny, and also how Oga must stay 15 meters range from the baby, making him having to bring a baby to school. I wonder how his teachers will react?

Well, this is definitely going to be a great series, I assure you.

Things I liked about this chapter

– The fighting

– Oga’s misfortune

– Baby Bell requesting a babyback ride

– Hilda making Oga’s family believe that Oga submitted into Baby Making

– Furuichi having his house destroyed but Oga having a pretty maid staying at his house

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