Gintama Review


Storyline – 5/5

Art – 5/5

Characters – 5/5

Creativity – 5/5

The premise of the story:
Gintoki Sakata, an old warrior of the Alien Exclusionists War, has settled in a time where the samurai are not needed. Aliens named “Amanto” has habited all around Edo, and to make things worse, swords are now confiscated. So what does Gintoki do now? Of course, he makes a freelance business called the “Yorozuya”. Accompanied by two kids who are fascinated by Gintoki’s spirit of the sword, Gintoki decides to take any job in his way!

The Plot

The plot at the start was an introduction arc, however, despite being an introduction arc, it had interesting characters, hilarious dialogue, intense action, and many other traits that can entertain you for hours. During the introduction arc, we see a few hints and a very good foundation to expand on. For example, how Gintoki was an old soldier in the Alien Exclusionist war, the introduction of Takasugi, The Ring of Death, Introduction of Harusame, and many more. The introduction arc has a lot of development, tension, plot twists, and of course, humor. It gets you hooked on right away, but then, all of a sudden, you realized it was only the beginning.

Later, after the introduction arc, we begin to see the plot develop itself. The manga expands on character development, and we see many new characters too. The arcs get longer, the fights get better, and of course, there’s more action in the story. The action begins to unfold itself, as we see hardcore death matches against various monstrous characters, such as, Benizakura, Housen, Jiraia, and etc. Each battle are breathtaking, and you can barely rest in excitement. As we go along, Gintama also begins to unfold bits of pieces of Gintoki’s past. Such as his meeting with Shouyo-sensei, and the days of the old war. This just shows that despite Gintama being an easygoing plot at first, it’s creativity can change that all around, creating a unique and humorous story that later develops itself more. But wait! Even with the serious develop of the series, the Gintama manga continues to present various forms of humor, that’s bound to make you laugh!

The aspect of the plot is simply original. Each chapter being a lesson that would be a great morale to society, and each having a unique taste. The different flavours of the chapters simply never get repetitive, and continues to stay that way. Gintama’s plot is simply brilliant for a series. It simply is a masterpiece that continues to enchant a person to keep on reading it.


The Art

The artistic value of Gintama is simply great. The art style is original, and breaks off from the modern art style in some mangas, where characters have eyes that cover half of their face. It replicates the human face very well, and the art for the backgrounds and characters are simply superb. Also to note, the art style changes from time to time in order to benefit from the situation at hand. Gintama’s art just blends well with the art at hand.

Another thing great about the artwork, and my preference to it, is that Gintama is set in a fedual lifestyle. The art really acquiesce the settings, such as giving off a “part olden time and part modern time” impression. This works best with Gintama, since such a style is great for the storyline. After all, Gintama is in a setting where we have the historical Edo with techonological modern advances (such as a TV, scooter, etc).

With such an unique artstyle, Gintama is sure to grab your attention continually. It’s a never ending cycle of creativity.



Gintoki Sakata – A samurai that fought in the Alien Exclusionist War. He’s now currently a Freelancer that does every job in his way in order to pay the rent. His hobbies are reading JUMP, and eating sweets. He carries a sword arm named “Lake Touya”.

During the story, we see that he believes in the old Bushido code. And as the story goes, he protects that belief with all his heart. He has never faltered with his beliefs once. Continually fighting on with that belief in his heart, he quickly became my favorite character. He knows when to be serious or when to be the straight man or make comedy. Far-fetched, maybe, but his beliefs and actions have influences almost everyone he has met. His honor, code conduct, hobbies, almost everything is consistent!  He is the prime of the samurai, and possibly the best there is.

Kagura – An Amanto from the Yato clan. Her supernatural strength is only second to her immeasurable appetite.

Shinpachi – A teenager that was influenced by Gintoki’s way of life. He decides to work in the Yorozuya.



Ahh, the parodies, the comedy, and the action. What’s there not to like? Gintama knows when to be serious, when to have action or when to please its viewers. Sorachi did a very creative and splendid job in making Gintama. Whatever the mood you have, Gintama will always brighten it up, whether the mood is positive or not.

Gintama’s easygoing plot introduces intense battles, dramatical climaxs, that’s impossible to stay away from! Gintama will quickly drawn you in with its annoying, but lovable characters, artistic styles, action-packed battles, and creative jokes.



Gintama’s a plot that knows no bounds. Great comedy, hilarious achievements. Darken plots, and great character development. The artistic style is unique for the world, there’s also intense action, epic moments and characters you’ll never get tired of. If you haven’t read/watched Gintama yet, DO SO NOW. You’re missing things you can’t imagine. It’s an enjoyable story, and one that you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life.



7 Responses to “Gintama Review”

  1. Just an Admirer Says:

    Typical GinTard giving the series a 5 across the board.
    At most, I would’ve given the series an average of 4.0.

    • May Says:

      he wrote 952 words and you still call him a retard? What kind of reasoning would you use? We use the word Narutards or Bleachtard because they can’t even explain why they like those shows. Here we get all the structure, explaining each details of why and you call him a retard? -_-

      • Just an Admirer Says:

        True. But, this is not about the number of words.

        I didn’t really used the word to be as derogatory as Bleachtard or NarutoTard, but meant it as a term of endearment that he really liked the series that he would blatantly give the series a five rating in all the categories.

        The series is great, but not that great.

    • Gintoki Sakata Says:

      Dear, Just an Admirer-kun.

      Did you also know that people have what we call “different” opinions? If giving 5 across the board is absurd, I’m pretty sure that it shouldn’t be there in the first place, henceforth, impossible.

      However, it’s not impossible, meaning that you CAN give it a 5 across the board. What matters is the reasons, not whether I give it a 5 across the board or not.

      Also, yes. At most, YOU would’ve given the series an average of 4.0. But I’m not you, am I?

      • Just an Admirer Says:

        I’ll give that one to you.

        Lastly, despite the disagree about the points, your review was done rather well, giving all the necessary aspects of the show, and compared to the ones I read previously from other bloggers, this is probably the best one.

  2. skylites Says:

    There has been no other anime that i recommend to anyone except Gintama. I have never even rewatched any anime because the plot gets boring along the way except Gintama. There has been no other anime where its so hard to choose a favorite character because all are just so adorable except Gintama.

    This anime just clicks in all the right places for me. The characters are superbly done (witty and yet in-depth). The mood is easy going with smart dialogues and yet when an arc comes a powerful plot and story unfolds with brilliant one liners and epic imagery. The soundtrack is definitely to die for. But most of all, what the characters stood for, their beliefs & how the creator told THEIR story, made me feel like watching this anime was not a waste of my time.

    I really hope that this story never ends. There are still so many things I want to learn about these characters. Seriously, this is how much i appreciate this well-written story.

    • May Says:

      I feel like too much exaggeration in this comment… There are other anime while being different. The beginning is quite hard to start and those heavy plots only starts after episode 57. What’s more, the soundtrack are quite limited yet respect the mood of each situation. It’s also quite cultural and all but there is a few minor letdown like the slow pace of the introduction. Anyways, we can conclude that nothing is perfect.

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