Beelzebub Chapter 3

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – At the beginning of the chapter, Oga has a dream where Baby Bell grew up and became a demon. Baby Bell then proceeds on to destroying the whole entire city. Oga then snaps out of it as he discovers it was only a nightmare. Later, Hilda informs Oga to feed Baby Bell for 5 times a day as Oga prepares to go off to school. We then see Oga hanging out with his friend, and we discover that Baby Bell has already zapped Oga 6 times today. Oga proceeds to tell his friend about the nightmare he had, and his friend joked off that the humanity of mankind rests in Oga’s shoulders. We then see the two friends laughing off at the joke, which probably, is true. A random stranger comes to the scene and laughs along with the batch. The stranger is then later revealed to be the man who splitted in half and gave Beelzebub to Oga. Of course, while talking to the weird stranger, Oga discovers that if there’s an even more stronger evil than him, Beelzebub would be under the care of the said stronger evil.

So, Oga decides to look for a stronger evil, and approaches the 3rd years. He seeks help from Tohoshinki’s Kanzaki-kun, which ironically, is the side that’s trying to start war with Oga.

My thoughts – Basically, this chapter is a set-up for the later battle ahead. I hope something exciting happens. The dream about Baby Bell was pretty good and funny. Furuichi’s statement about Oga being in control of humanity is pretty dead on. Well, I guess the characters are trying to deny it by laughing it off.

Overall, a good set up chapter, we certainly will get an exciting chapter for Chapter 4.

Things I liked About This Chapter –

– Good setup chapter

– Furuichi’s statement

– The nightmare dream

– More information

– The reappearance of the splitting man


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