Gintama Chapter 265

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Summary – Shinpachi is at Starfront Coffee, where he’s trying to get rid of the misery of being in 8th place. Yamazaki enters the scene, and it’s revealed that he’s pretty upset about the whole “being in the 9th place” thing. Both of them do not want to go to work since their friends are pretty much way above their rankings, which is causing them to stop wanting to go to work. As both of them talk about how being in the 8th or 9th place isn’t so bad, Yamazaki’s ranking sudden drops! It appears that his shameful taste to undress is causing his popularity to drop at an incredible rate. Before Yamazaki collapses from being dropped to 136th place, he tells that Shinpachi that someone is trying to forefully change the votes, and that only Shinpachi can protect “normies” like them. So, just as Shinpachi starts to think who would want to forcefully change the votes,  he spots Sa-chan. At first Shinpachi suspects that Sa-chan’s the one who’s dropping the votes down, but as he eavesdrop into the conversation, it appears that Sa-chan is talking to the criminal, who is revealed to be Otae.

Sa-chan and Otae-chan starts accusing each other of being the criminal. Otae starts insulting Sa-chan, saying that she’s in a lower ranking than Justaway, but Sa-chan retaliates by noting that Otae lost to two gorillas. One being Kondo, and the other being Sorachi (the mangaka, who appears as a gorilla). The argument gets heated, and both Sa-chan and Otae start to fight, until they’re stopped by Kyuubei.

Kyuubei notes that fighting like this won’t help anything, and that they should first find out the reason why they’re like this. Just as Shinpachi thought the trio are definitely not the criminals, Kyuubei suggests that they should prepare war against those higher while they’re still reeling in. Kyuubei then starts discussing about the details of this plan, and notes that “he who attacks first wins”. She prepares a sneak attack against the ones at the top, while betting her life on the line. The trio decides to attack the top ten. However, being unable to decide who to attack, Otae suggests that they should just stop, but then the trio sees Tsukuyo, who happens to be at Rank #10. The trio starts talking about Tsukuyo, and Kyuubei releases the information that Tsukuyo had most of volume 30 to herself. Otae says that’s nice, since she’ll never appear again later (which implies that she’s going to get killed).

Otae starts leaving, and she tells Kyuubei and Sa-chan to take Tsukuyo out, while she takes out the main foundation of the problem, Gorilla #15 (Sorachi). To try and stop this situation, Shinpachi decides to go to the person that he should trust the most, Gintoki, since he’s at number 1. As he starts speeding off to Gintoki, the manga starts being “gooey”, and the art starts to rot. It appears that Sorachi has been… rubbed out!

Will continue next chapter

My thoughts – Certainly a creative chapter. This arc will bound to be absolutely hilarious yet again! Gintama yet again breaks the 4th wall, creating an unique flavoring taste to the mix. The chapter leaves us with full of unanswered questions, and Sorachi’s in big trouble! Actually, the whole existence of Gintama is in trouble! This chapter certainly left a very good impression on me. I really can’t wait until the next chapter! Seeing how good just the SET-UP chapter is, I’m pretty sure that this will be a great arc. What’s also is exiciting is the possibility of Tsukuyo being introduced to the rest of the gang, and that she may gradually become a regular character! This chapter is certainly great.

Who knows what can happen NEXT chapter?! Well… Maybe Sorachi since he’s the guy making the next chapter…. But that’s besides the point!

Things I liked about this chapter

– Gintoki being 1st

– Tsukuyo may reappear

– 4th wall breaking yet again

– Sorachi being featured in the chapter

– Creative

– Yet another arc

– Possibility of Tsukuyo being introduced to the others


Preparing for war

Yamazakis rank, dropping

Yamazaki's rank, dropping

Oh crap

Oh crap

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  1. lehimay Says:

    mmm… what ep does kagura went to the past? and is there any ep that only kagura and okita?

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