Beelzebub Chapter 4

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Ogais now at the 3rd year building to meet Kanzaki, who’s currently preparing war against Oga. One of Kanzaki’s grunts comes up to Oga and starts being rude to him, Oga, however, told him that he has no business with small fries. Kanzaki’s grunt gets mad, and decides to start a fight with Oga, only to be stopped by Shiroyama (another of Oga’s grunts), who says that he’ll fight Oga himself. Furuichi, seeing the current situation and the direction it’s going, decides to let Oga a helping hand, and tells Kanzaki that Oga’s here to serve Kanzaki (lie). Kanzaki openly welcomes Oga, but Shiroyama strongly objects to this proposal. Kanzaki then decides to have a fight between Shiroyama and Oga. If Oga’s stronger than Shiroyama, he gets to join with Kanzaki. Shiroyama, of course, accepts this offer, and decides to fight against Oga.

The fight begins, and just in a few panels, Shiroyama is knocked down by a hit to the jaw. Kanzaki decides to let Oga in, but Shiroyama says that he still has some fight in him. However, Kanzaki says that Shiroyama is useless, and that he wants him to disappear. Shiroyama begs for another chance, so Kanzaki asks for Shiroyama to jump off the building. After seeing this, Oga decides that Kanzaki isn’t the one, so Oga sends Kanzaki flying out the window…

By being so powerful, Baby Bell only likes Oga more now…

My thoughts – Nice loud fight. Though, I hoped for it to be longer. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything in life… But man, Oga’s like God moded or something. I mean, 1 hit KO on two people who were considered to be one of the few strong fighters in the school… Where the hell did he get his skills from?! Does he have some kind of walkthrough with him? Gosh, that’s one hell of a guy.

Overall, a pretty good chapter. We got to see that bastard Kanzaki getting thrown out of the window (he derserved it, after being such an ass to his most loyal grunt). Can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

Things I liked about this chapter

– Cool fight

– Oga having a sense of justice… I think…

– Baby Bell’s facial expressions in this chapter is hilarious

– Kanzaki getting what he deserved.
… Yeah, I’ve been using the word “grunt” a lot. Blame it on me playing my Pokemon game all day for the past few days…

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