Elfen Lied Episode 10 Review

Nana once again confronts Lucy and they soon engaged in a fight, but Mayu ran between them to stop the fight. No one ends up hurt, and Lucy turned back to Nyu after having a moment of flashback of Kouta. The second half of the episode is about the past of the scientist guy with glasses.

The first half of this episode is ok, nothing I feel is especially worth taking note of. But the second half of the episode was very fun to watch. It doesn’t only talk about certain characters, but shows how it all began and a lot of information about Diclonius and the research done on them. You get to see how they test the limits of their vectors by shooting at them with cannons. Good stuff. It is also confirmed that Diclonius only use their vectors on humans. I especially like how they show that the vectors are not always as strong as those of Lucy’s and Nana’s. They show how when they are younger they can only deflect regular bullets but not amour piercing rounds. And lastly the part about glasses guy’s wife was interesting as well.

There are plenty of killing and blood in this one, which is always a good thing for me.

In the end they end it by sort of introducing a super Diclonius. Number 35. The reach of her vectors are MUCH MUCH longer than average and not only that, she has 26 of them! This is gonna kick so much ass.

Overall very enjoyable episode. Nothing that i don’t like in particular, maybe except the part about about Nana eating rice with Kouta and the others. I felt like that took a little too much time than it should. Yes i know, someone is gonna say something like “But it develops the characters blah blah blah”. Yeah sure it does, but you can also say that for almost any other scenes. I can just as easily argue just by showing someone taking a dump is also character development, but probably not necessary. Ooops, did a little rant there. Anyways that’s it for now.

Episode Rating: 8/10

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