Fairy Tail anime Announcement and Speculation

Fairy Tail result

Fairy Tail result

As we all know from the conclusion of the bet, Hiro Mashima’s manga Fairy Tail will be given an anime adaptation this fall according to the folks over at 2chan and ANN. Since I lost the bet and I’m going on vacation starting Wednesday I don’t really have a lot of time to post.

Somethings to take into account though as we enter a period of speculation:

-Which studio will adapt it?
Hopefully not Deen which adapted one of Mashima’s previous series Groove Adventure Rave and is also known for adapting the Higurashi series, infamous for legendary piss-poor QUALITY animation. With any luck it won’t be studio Pierrot either (the animation quality for Naruto and BLEACH is a testament to how they handle longer series), personally I’d rather see Toei adapt it, but who knows if Mashima will chose that company (if was stated somewhere in an interview that Mashima has gotten various offers from various studios for the adaptation).

Update: The anime studios A-1 Pictures and Satelight will produce the project. We know them best from Kannagi and Hellsing OVA respectively. Several other famous series that tend to attracted praise were also done by them.

-How much will be adapted?
Since Rave was canceled two seasons in (and suddenly at that) we can guess that the reason why Mashima waited till now to accept an anime for this series is because he did not want to see the same thing happen twice by allowing sufficient source material at the ready. The second issue here is: will it suffer unnecessary changes in the plot? (I believe D.Gray-man had some filler altering it’s plot early on, but not being familiar with the series BLEACH‘s Bount arc would be a better example of filler permanently altering the overall story in some fashion). And of course there have been plenty of cancellations of long running anime adaptations of popular series in the past couple of years.

-Voice casting?
If the series is due out this year, did they already start voice casting or are they just about to start? In any case this will most likely be one of the more hotly debated/bloodiest discussions amongst some fans. What kinds of voices are expected? Will we see any of the voices from Rave coming back to partake in this series (unlikely, but possible)? What role will Mashima play (if any) in selecting the persons responsible for giving speech to his characters?

Again I must stress that everything is all speculation at this point since the news was just announced and the official announcement (which will hopefully contain details) is yet to be put on sale, so I will hold off on adding more oil to the proverbial flames I’m sure we’ll see much of.

But still, this is pretty happy news.


10 Responses to “Fairy Tail anime Announcement and Speculation”

  1. May Says:

    Next punishment game: seiyuu guess of Natsu (and/or Lucy) ? I need everyone approving this

  2. May Says:

    Else, guessing the studio might be better?

  3. hom-chan Says:

    anything to do with any of these speculations prolly won’t be announced till some months from now-desu.

  4. May Says:

    I highly doubt it, info leak happens and same with this announcement right?

  5. refinder Says:

    Updated my post since information is still pouring in and leaking out from every which way.

    Looks like we’ll be getting good animation with lots of fluid movement.

  6. May Says:

    I guess we’ll find something else for the next punishment game…

  7. May Says:

    add gash bell and macross frontier

  8. hom-chan Says:

    saaa~ another spoiler thingy for the anime-desu:

  9. Shizzle Says:

    Yay for One Piece-esque fan service. Lucy fan service = Nami fan service.

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