Gintama Chapter 266

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – Sorachi didn’t die, he was only out for comission for a week. Anyway, Shinpachi starts trying to get Gin-san, but then the manga’s style changes quickly. Parodying the ever so awesome “Fist of the North Star” manga. The manga itself says, “Manga by Robot Sorachi, Written by Gudonson”. Of course, Shinpachi, being the straight man, starts questioning everything about it. Then, the two artists start to fight, and the art changes again. Who knows what the hell the editor is doing… Suddenly, Gudonson is replaced, and everything changes back. Shinpachi first thinks that the two got along together, but Sorachi basically killed Gudonson.

And now, back to the story.

Shinpachi goes to Yorozuya, only to find out that no one’s there. The scene of the Yorozuya looked like the aftermatch of a surprise assault, but Shinpachi thinks since nothing happened to his ranking, the Yorozuya SHOULD be okay. Suddenly, a voice called out to Shinpachi… It turns out to be a whole mob with rankings lower than Shinpachi, with Otose seemingly being the head of the group. Otose tells Shinpachi to come down and join the crowd, but of course, as common sense would have it, Shinpachi declines. Shinpachi starts running away from the mob, and the mob quickly starts to try and capture him. After a while, Shinpachi gets cornered, only to be saved by Gintoki and Okita.

So now Shinpachi is in a secret hideout with Gintoki and Okita, both which are hiding from the mob. It turns out that Hijikata, Sadaharu, Kagura, Zura, MADAO, Elizabeth and Kondo are also hiding here. Kondo is crossdressing as Kagura while MADAO is cosplaying as Takasugi while denying that they don’t have an interest in the rankings. Of course, this annoys Shinpachi, as usual, because he’s the straight man. He starts having a conversation with MADAO and Kondo, but then Zura butts into the conversation between Shinpachi, Kondo and MADAO. He notes that they just don’t feel they’re featured enough, which is why they are trying to imtiate others . After yet another conversation with Zura, who’s in handcuffs since the Shinsengumi is also there, Shinpachi asks where Elizabeth is, only to find out that Elizabeth is getting beaten up by Sadaharu.

Later, the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi have a discussion, and they finally settle for their differences saying that they’ll be safe for a while by holding a truce and they both gain each other’s trust, but in actuality, the two groups are only plotting each other’s demise.


My Thoughts – Epic raep face at the end. I guess only Shinpachi and Kondo didn’t know what was actually happening. But anyway, it’s a pretty good chapter, accurately depicting human betrayal. I can’t wait to see how this works out. Hopefully, the Yorozuya wins, since I’m cheering for them. One scene that’s probably going to be in my head for days would be Sadaharu beating the crap out of Elizabeth. This chapter reminds me of the Jigzaw arc, where Hijikata and Okita plots to try and destroy each other.

Now, I know I called Hasegawa “MADAO”, but that’s because he is one. Besides, it’s cooler that way.

Things I liked in this Chapter –

– Epic rape face

– The two group’s confronting each other

– Sadaharu beating the hell out of Elizabeth

– While talking about the story, we see a side story about Sorachi, without Sorachi being in the manga at all!

– The mob trying to get a higher ranking


Epic Rape Face!

Epic Rape Face!



Power up!

Power up!


3 Responses to “Gintama Chapter 266”

  1. May Says:

    OMG, Sadaharu!

  2. T.Lee Says:

    I like the nod to Fist Of The North Star.

  3. refinder Says:

    Looking kinda Hinamizawa syndrome there guys.

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