KissxSis episode 00

A personal favorite, one of which somehow or another got reenacted in the surroundings of this blogger’s real life in some way or another.

Ah, yes, WARNING: THIS SERIES IS MADE OF KISSING WINCEST AND SEMI-NUDITY. If our dear readers don’t like that sort of thing due to shit morals in this amoral world kindly X this page out right now since those opinions are fucking boring and will be deleted.

His sisters are sleeping with him!

His sisters are sleeping with him!

The morning routine for Keita Suminoe: waking up to discover his twin older sisters Ako and Riko have snuck into his room sometime during the night and use his arms as pillows, but it gets better.

Morning kiss!

Morning kiss!

In typical fashion “a kiss is a greeting in the west” just what part of the west we’ll never know, but now it continues to get better upon Ako learning her brother’s arms have gone numb after being used as pillows, lets watch.



This isn’t just one sided either.



Of course it’s not like Riko won’t want to get in on this pretending to sleep the whole time, when Mom calls Ako to help out Riko makes her move on the hapless little brother.

Not fair for just Ako to have all the fun

Not fair for just Ako to have all the fun

And adds some extra stimulation since she had to go second. Next comes helping Keita get dressed since he still can move, starting with removing his drawers for him thus getting an eye full.

Taste the rainbow!

Taste the rainbow!

Now it shifts the kitchen where Ako is excitedly telling her Mom about all the kissing she just did with Keita and the moms full support of her marrying Keita with dad saying that it’s unfair to Riko.

And that’s just the first five minutes.

Turns out that Ako and Riko are actually Keita’s step-sisters from his step-mother’s previous marriage and that his father fully expects and encourages him to hook up with them just as long as it does not hinder his studies. Needless to say Keita is less than impressed with his families antics having firmly cemented Ako and Riko as his sisters in his mind since childhood. Now the plot decides to make itself known (kinda late there plot); Keita is in his last year of Jr. High and decided his high school based on a sports recommendation so he won’t have to study for exams, however his sisters want him to go to the high school they go to which is much closer to home. While on his way to school Keita just can’t get his sister off his mind.



While at school most of his male classmates are envious of him since they all love his sisters and how they punished them when Ako was the student council president and Riko head of the disciplinary committee *coughmasochistscough* enough so that they are all applying to the same school Keita’s sisters attend. They go so far as to call Keita unmotivated for settling it with his recommendation. At home, while sorting though it all, Riko appears.

Im showing them to you

I'm showing them to you

After showing him her panties Ako calls and Riko flees. After telling off Keita for sleeping on the floor this happens:

White again?

White again?

Ako doesn’t want to lose to Riko and takes a much bolder method in showing off her panties, but it backfires and Keita walks away believing his sisters are messing with him, just not wanting to lose to each other.

Ako is depressed and decides to use her skills to one up Riko. In the morning Ako is making a boxed lunch for Keita, but Riko appears having sensed a disturbance in the perverted mechanisms of the house (more like twin power but this wording is more fun). While Riko is failing hard at making food Ako notices the boxers on her sisters lower regions. A fight ensues to remove Keita’s boxers from Riko’s behind, this wakes up Keita who walks right into this scene first thing in the morning



How Ako got her night shorts removed is a mystery of the episodes.
After seeing this Keita leaves for school early and does not eat breakfast. Perfect excuse for Ako to burst into his classroom to give him the lunch she made for him, also a perfect opportunity for Riko to do the same. After his sisters become the center of attention in his class, Keita finally snaps (he still thinks they’re messing with him) and the twins confess that they love him. At this point Keita is on the verge of an emotional break down since he can’t easily accept it and yells at them both to leave. After a heartfelt apology Ako and Riko leave.



Feeling bad after this, Keita decides to follow them and hears all the buzz in his classroom about how disgusting incest is, anger boils over and bitches and faggots need to be shutted the hell up and set straight!

Were not blood related!

We're not blood related!

Afterwords Keit goes after his sisters and apologizes. His sisters felt lonely since Keita decided to go to a school far away for his high school education. Keita decides to go to the same school as his sisters after all so they won’t do reckless things anymore, however this sort of backfires…

Lovey-dovey time?

Lovey-dovey time?

And a crowd gathers to watch Ako and Riko fight over Keita. In the end Keita wonders if what he just did is even more reckless, but then decides it’s fine.

Im fine with this now.

I'm fine with this now.


2 Responses to “KissxSis episode 00”

  1. May Says:

    Ako’s seiyuu is the same as Azusa from K-ON!

  2. refinder Says:

    is that first line a nod to the household craziness you been seeing for almost a year?

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