Oh! Edo Rocket

First of all know that this is a gag anime most of the time.

Now that that is out of the way lets begin.

Plot: It’s set as a period drama meaning it takes inspiration form events that happened; in this case 1840s Japan during a series of unpopular reforms banning all luxuries. This does not stop Tamaya Seikichi (based on a real life fireworks artisan) from launching his fireworks. From here on it goes way off real events and into the oh-so-familiar world of anime logic. One night as Tamaya is launching his fireworks two shooting stars fall down to Earth, both carrying extraterrestrials who are marked by the Edo government’s Men in Black for illegally entering Japan. This is the side story for the first part of the series with the main female lead being one of these aliens disguised as a human seeking help from Tamaya to build her something that can reach the Moon where her people have a base, the other one goes about killing young women and drinking their blood so it can heal from the injuries it got from the MIB as well as it’s own body cloning abilities.

Back to the “main focus” of the story: Tamaya Takes on the job to make fireworks that can reach the Moon with the alien girl, Sora, hangs around helping him while hunting the “Blue Beast” (what the MIB have dubbed the other alien), not to go into too much spoilerific detail, but the leader of the MIB happens to be Tamaya’s neighbor, Ginjiro, who finds out early on that Sora’s mission is to kill the blue beast as it is a dangerous criminal on her home world. The plot advances as different stories messing with each other like this for the first half of the 26 episodes until everything just comes to light to everyone at once prompting massive misunderstands in typical dramatic fashion until the Retired resident of Tamaya’s neighborhood (plot device man) solves all the problems using his government ties.

Lets focus on the Blue Beasts part of the story next. Just like Sora, she also has the ability to take on human form and seduces the plain cloths police officer who constantly harasses Tamaya at any opportunity he gets, also assigned to helping the MIB catch the blue beast. He goes traitor and becomes a serial killer to collect blood for the blue beast to drink who takes up the role as his housewife (in human form of course) to satisfy him in many unseen ways due to “broadcast reasons”. The blue beast eventually does develop a sense of attachment to him and her body splits again leading to a “final battle” like situation on a giant working spaceship that ends with Yuu (blue beast in love version) self-destructing the ship and pushing her human lover out at the last minute so she could take down her other half.

For the next few months Tamaya is working hard on the rocket now that he has government funding and everyone is on good terms with each other. The series becomes more focused on comedy and character back story for awhile, even putting on the play that the anime is parodying within the anime itself. It seriouses up again when the reason why the government is sponsoring Tamaya is revealed: after sending the girl back to the Moon they’ll force him to make international missiles that can be used to attack America and Russia. As it turns out the blue beast that wants to go home didn’t die and the man who killed for love is out for revenge on it. Since explaining the ending in words would be boring I’ll end the plot part of the review by saying it’s a happy ending filled with death, redemption, and resolution.

Thoughts: It made me laugh, but I couldn’t really take the series seriously even when people were being brutally murdered and monsters were ripping eyes from their sockets. The flow makes it hard to remember what happens in which episodes exactly and it is a random parody gaga anime at times (TTGL got parodied A LOT in the early 20s episodes).

It was a good story and they managed to tie up most of the plot’s lose ends, but there were many things I did not get the fist time around like when they were parodying Nico (and video hosting site popular in Japan) with the “WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW”s floating across the screen with random comments until I rewatched it. So it is defiantly not something for someone who has not seen a lot of anime or at least knows about popular culture at the time.

Overall thoughts

Overall thoughts


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