Beelzebub Chapter 5

This post contains Spoilers

Summary – The chapter starts off with Oga having a dream about floating in the sea, but then he wakes up, and discovers he’s actually floating in Baby Bell’s piss. Hilda comes into the scene, and informs that every year, Baby Bell will start pissing like this and a whole entire town will be swallowed. Furuichi’s walking around town, and he gets surprised when he sees Oga’s house. Later, we see that Baby Bell’s pissing stopped thanks to a string, but it doesn’t seem that it’ll last long. Furuichi and Oga starts arguing about how to stop this chaos, and in the heat of arguing, Furuichi suggests to have Oga just slapping a diaper on Baby Bell sarcastically, but Oga takes it seriously. Oga starts leaving, and Furuichi tries to impress Hilda, but fails.

Hilda gets insulted by Furuichi, so she decides to look for Oga alone. The scene changes, and now Hilda’s at a store, and Hilda sees Oga trying to put a diaper on Baby Bell. Of course, Hilda is not impressed one bit. Then, a salesman comes and chats with Oga, because he’s one of the people who was hanging out with Kanzaki. The salesman starts going to get Oga more diapers, but before that, he tells Oga that since he beat Kanzaki, he’s pretty much one of the Touhoushinki of Ishiyama High. The salesman goes to get more diapers, and then… Suddenly… Baby Bell starts pissing again because he couldn’t hold it in anymore, and he starts flying away due to the intensity of the pissing. Luckly, Oga catches him. Which changes Hilda’s opinion of Oga, causing her to help Oga.

The story ends with Hilda flying Oga to the ocean, where Baby bell can relieve himself.

My thoughts – That was seriously an original chapter. Who knew pissing could be so serious? Anyway, I’m pretty astonished at how creative this chapter could be. But man, that baby’s packing lotta water inside that body of his. Hilda saying that the baby’s piss is “blessed urine” kinda disgusted me. But other than that, it’s a pretty good chapter. I wonder who’s going to clean all that piss the baby made before flying to the ocean though. That’s going to be tough.

Things I liked about this chapter

– Creative

– Fun

– Hilda having a change of heart

– Furuichi accidently being a douchebag


3 Responses to “Beelzebub Chapter 5”

  1. Cirno's Student Says:

    Why only chapter 5?

  2. kashim40 Says:

    beelzebub is really cool.. urine that can sink a whole town.. baby beel is really cute when oga tied baby beel’s thing ahaha.. really cool manga, hope it will become an anime.. :D

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